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Need help identifying a part....



Ok, this may be a challenge, but hopefully not.
On an '82 that has stopped running:( , under the console in between the seats, "in a brown box," is a small printed circuit board approx 1"x2" with six contact terminals where it plugs in. On the board are the numbers 12020423. The local Chevy dealer says this part number doesn't come up, so it's probably of no help unless someone has one laying around in their garage to double check.
The situation is this, the car is my fathers and is in another state from me, and the part has actually been described to him by his mechanic who is usually very good, but has been calling this part a cold start module which everyone seems to agree it is not. So this info is third hand to me, but the best I have.:confused Besides I know you guys are that good, so it won't matter :D


Thanks all who have looked, thought about, or offered suggestions today or the last time I posted this. I finally got just the right guy at a dealer parts counter who knew where to look, and after going through three different discontinued parts came up with a part number and a name. It was the theft deterant module (which hasn't worked right since my dad bought the car in '87) and the newest part number is 16158276.

Thanks again, for your time and energy

A good parts man is hard to find.

Keep him close.


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