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Need Help!!! Selecting Restoration Shop




Seeking advice, suggestions, etc. for the restoration of my 59 Corvette. Need info. on restoration shops in my area surrounding Kentucky such as: Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina or South Carolina.

I am looking for a shop that can do quality body/paint work and possibly interior restoration. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Restoration shop

Hi Dale,

Click on "Portal" in the top header bar and then go to Repair and Restoration Shops. There is one or more listed in each state you mentioned. Some I have heard of and have been around a long time.

Thanks Tom. I looked at these earlier. I am hoping to hear from others that may have used one of the shops in the Portal or have had their vette restored at another quality shop.
I'm hoping somebody with first hand experience will chime in too. That's why we have the rating system for the listings in the Portal. If we can collect some ratings on these shops it will be a lot easier to trust their claims. I would also call the shop and ask for references. If they are good they will be happy to supply a few names of other Corvettes they have restored.
Keep us posted on what you find out.
I can recommend Lloyd Miller. He restored 53 Corvette #003 as well as many other solid axle Corvettes over the years. Many years and many cars experience. Absolutely correct, top notch NCRS restorations.

Lloyd can be reached at phone # 918-462-7334

Sorry Steve,

I must have had brain fade or was thinking Kentucky.

Steve just finished a '58 restoration and I'm sure he would like to do your '59 while he's warmed up. Check his web site for pictures.

Restoration Shop

What did you ever decide on a restoration shop?

I am still looking for a shop to restore(body repair, paint) my 59. I have taken everything off the car except for the engine and tranny which I plan on doing this week.

Again, if you or anyone on the board have a suggestion concerning a shop, please let me know. I am looking for a shop in the southeastern part of the US.
Lloyd Miller-Southwestern Restorations

Saw Verle's earlier post with a recomendation and phone number for Lloyd Miller at Southwestern Restoraions...just wanted to put in a current cell phone number for Lloyd...it is

I too think he is the best for restorations, especially happy with the cars he did for us, including #003. He has done a whole bunch of the earliest cars. It is a personal size shop and he takes personal responsibility for all work.

There is a little more at southwesternrestorations.com:pat


I have heard nightmares about cars going in for restorations.I would really do your home work here,

First I would get a time frame in wrighting as to when its supposed to be started and when its supposed completed.And then a clear understanding of whats to be done.Once the cars goes in I would make sure I visited it at least on a weekley basis.So often you hear about a car going in for restoration and the first time a person see's it again is 24 months later when there picking it up.

Some of the complaints I have heard from others

1-paint over spray,on wires,frame,glass,weather strip,bumpers,

2-original hardware removed and thrown out and then hardware store nuts and bolts re installed,

3-payment schedule a good understanding of how much and when its due.I would only start a project like this with a clear,precise,NO QUESTIONS ASKED,payment schedule.Like so much do on deliver of car to shop( this should be a very minor,small,minute,token deposit,- Next progress payment should be on having the car in primmer(then you go and inspect it and find any and all problems or imperfections in the body.ect ect

I would also try and make a deal with a shop that I would open an eskarow bank account (you deposit entire cost of restoration in it then draw the money out for progress payments.This way the shop knows you have the money and the only way for him to get it is for him to complete his work in a timely fashion.

Ask for refrences from the shop of a car they recently done in your area then call the car owner and meet with him to see how the car looks,and his comments on the restoration,Then ask for a refrence of some one he did 2 years ago and then do the same,

I can go on but I wont I hope some others chime in here.GOOD LUCK and think with your head here not your heart.the problems arrise because you are thinking this is a hobbie and they guy whos doing your restoration is doing it as a buisness venture to make profits.So you must also think of it as a buisness deal in order to make this happen

Good luck and useally if a deal sounds too good to be true its because it is.
Dale, I can tell you from personal experience, GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING! How long, how much, what they will do, what they won't do, etc. Nothing and I mean nothing is too trivial. Find out how many other projects the shop has going on at the same time. Look through some of my past posts here and at the other site and you will know why.
Even people with a good rep can screw up a cup of coffee. Visit the shop at least once a week. Withold money if need be to motivate the shop to get their act together. Get second opinions if something doesn't sound right. Know everything about your car before you take it there. Options, numbers, everything. Keep track of and get back all the old parts that came of your car. Some people convienently forget to give these back. Don't fall for the "we can't get the parts" line. You can darn near build an entire car from scratch from a catalog. If they can't find it, they probably shouldn't be messing with your car anyway.
If something is wrong, tell them to stop work, pay up to that point and don't pay another cent until the problem is corrected. Watch that they don't try to pad your bill someplace else to make up for their mistake. Your time, patience wallet and love of corvettes will most likely be tried to the breaking point undertaking such an endeavor, but good luck. Classic
A new store? Not really, been there 20 years!!

While at Bloomington this past June, I was on the judging field on Sunday morning admiring a very rare 'air box' 57 Corvette. Next to it was a first class 56 that was all white with beige interior, power soft top, hard top, 225hp , 2x4 motor with powerglide and power windows. A real first class car. I inquired into 'who' restored it and the owner introduced me to Mark Kinler.

Mark is the owner and restorer of
DelKin Motor Sports
106 Ridona
Lafayette, LA 70508

A very nice young man who has been restoring Corvettes for over 20 years.

Might be worth a phone call.............a visit to the NCRS Louisiana Regional and take a look see.

Good luck

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