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Need Help with LT5 Serial number


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Feb 14, 2007
ok i am in the process of purchasing a Crated 405hp LT5 engine motor i asked the guy for the vin number he email me the Vin number/serial on the engine block, as i did some research on this and other corvette forums on how to read the correct vin/serial for the crated LT5 it show's that for it to be a 405hp motor it must read "10ZVC"

10ZVC is a mercury marine tracking # for a 93+ 405hp engine, BUT the sellers serial number that was sent to me reads "10ZUD" and his serial also was short one number it was only 14 numbers and not the correct 15 numbers, i am going to request that he take a picture of the serial number and email it me, i am wondering if "10ZUD" is the 1990-92 375hp engine, i faintly remember GM having some back-up/rebuild motors for engine's still under warranty, can someone give me insite info. to what "10ZUD" means
i want to purchase a 405hp crate motor but not a rebuild GM crate motor.

i hope this makes any sense.

thank you..

Hib Halverson

Technical Writer for Internet & Print Media
Jan 10, 2001
CenCoast CA
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"ZUD" is the block code for an MY95 engine.

"ZVC" is the block code for an MY93 engine.

Both are 405hp, four-bolt motors

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