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New! 1975 Franklin Mint Corvette Model


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Sep 16, 2000
New Hampshire
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The 1975 Corvette Stingray
Hate to brake the news to you Rob, but that model has been available for some time now. ;)

The good news is they have a special red, white and blue set of each of the C5 models -- a red convertible, a white coupe and a blue hardtop. :upthumbs

(I just got a new catalog in the mail.) ;)

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For some stupid reason, I thought it was a new additon to the collection. Oh well....the picture looks nice anyway. :D
Red, White & Blue Set


I hate to tell you, but we've had the Red, White and Blue set here for over 2 months.;) I think my husband has purchased every corvette that Franklin Mint has issued directly from them as soon as they release it in the mail order, so they send him advance order information.:cool Have you seen the Callaway C12 Signature Edition? It's BEAUTIFUL! Almost a navy blue with red interior. They only made 3,500 (I think). I'm sure Mr. Callaway had writers cramp by the time he finished signing all of them.:w
:L Golly, and I thought that I was up on all of the latest news, and that they were a new item. Two months old you say? ;)

At least two months.. ;) I remember them coming in before Labor Day..:) :w
The '75 has been available from dealers since at least Feb-2001. My wife got one for me as a birthday present at 20% off the $90+ retail price. Boy does she know how to haggle......

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