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New Corsa Sports - Odd Sound



I just had a new set of Corsa Sports installed on C6 A6. I really like the sound and especially like the fact that there's no drone on the highway. Since installing the new exhaust I've noticed an odd sound inside the car under mild acceleration - especially during city driving. If I slow down and then accelerate under normal driving conditions I hear a sound directly under the console that sounds like something's sucking air or a tinny vibration. The closest thing I can associate it to is my son's Dodge Dakota with a K&N intake. Since the Corsa Sports for the A6 have 2 resonators in the H pipe I wasn't sure if this is normal or if I could have a leak or, something's vibrating under the cockpit area. I got out of the car and listened for leaks but it just seems like there's more engine noise under the car now. Is this normal for the Corsas? Has anyone else experienced this?


I would first jack the car up, or drive up on ramps and shake the exhaust pipes, see if anything is rubbing.

No, my Corsa sports do not make that sound [MN6].
Jun 5, 2001
Northern Virginia
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Do you "feel" it or just hear it? If you feel it, it may be resonance which isn't characteristic of Corsa on any car. But resonance and/or the noise you here could very easily be an exhaust leak. Did you recheck the torque on the clamps after you drove it a while? With pipes shifting and settling, that can cause some vibration too.

Good luck!

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