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New Engine build l92 block/worked heads/l76 intake: target 550rwhp


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Nov 28, 2001
Northern NJ
Not me but I'm watching this new engine buildup and thought you guys might have an interest:

415 cubic inch L92 block with eagle crank.
xxx another sponsor on this site is building the motor for us.
I used a overall common cam for a bigger cubic inch NA car. 244/248 605/608 112LSA. Heads? TEA ported L92 heads. TEA is going to hand port these baby's for me, do a nice valve job, and throw on a dual spring kit.
Were also gonna mill the heads so we can have a 12:1 CR motor.
L76 intake manifold, stock GM rocker's, the new Caddy/GM lifters, LS2 timing chain, etc. Nothing custom except the heads.
Goals? My personal goal for the car is 550 and good fuel milage.
Were gonna get some good results on "what" this combo can produce on a daily driven combo. Let's hope the manifold can keep up with the heads.
Exhaust is the Pro LG LT headers with X pipe, and corsa exhaust. No cats.
93 octane of course. I am going to do my best to post the build and results so you guys can see everything, and experience this with us.
Pictures and dyno sheets will be added as the build goes foward.

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