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new hood release cable



hi -

I managed to actually pop my hood after the cable snapped. Now, I have the new part, but have no idea how to secure the top of the cable to the latch. (It's simple a thin cable going thru a hole). Any ideas out there on how to anchor it?


'81 vette

I can't picture what it looks like. My guess would be some kind of a butt splice or end splice. I'll look in my Assembly Manual tonight and get back with a better answer, unless, someone else chimes than can help.

Glad to hear you got the hood open ;)


I'll attach two scanned drawings from my Assembly Manual, here is the first one. I hope these help, I think they are about the best views, there are a couple more, but these show the cross cable connections.

AND here is number 2 ;)


Was it the hood release handle cable? This is secured at the engine bay side connection with a cable bolt-swedge through the latch hole ear. (the swedge looks like a threaded spacer with a cross hole and a screw through the top. This will jam the cable against side of the hole on the spacer. )

If it is the cross cable, then they are secured with a pin, washer, and cotter key through the pin.
thanks guys - this was the case - I just ordered the cable bolt swedge (it had fallen off). I ordered a new cross-cable too (because I don't want to go thru this again for years!).



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