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New member, and got a question. :)



Hi there, Im new here, and got a question for you.

I have just replaced my clutch ( 6spd zf ). I got the flywheel machined, got a new clutch and pplate.
Now I have a strange sound.
When the clutch is engage I got a clicking sound when I brake hard or turn hard. The sound does not follow rpm. If I only press in the clutch about 1mm and brake hard I dont have the sound.
Its like something is loose in the slave cylinder, or on the clutch fork, and when I put stress on the slave cylinder and the clutch fork ( when i press down the clutch, just a tiny bit ) the sound disapear..
I took off the slave cylinder and pressed the clutch fork upp and down. I have about 2mm play on the clutch fork upp and down. Could it be that?
Could I have put on the clutch fork wrong?

Hope you can guid me..


its a 91..


Sounds like you need to be under the car while someone drives it and hits the brakes. No, no don't try this at home!!!!! My best guess would be to check all connections (master, slave and the clutch). It could be that the clutch has inherent problem such as a loose part that might function correctly but will rattle till you go crazy. Hope you did not get the clutch at PepBoys or some thing equivalent. The dealer is the most expensive place but usually you will get the best parts. I would hate doing a clutch job over. Good luck, try the obvious stuff first.


new memeber, and got a question :)

From your description it sounds like throw out bearing noise. When you depress the clutch just slightly the clutch fork begins to address the throw out bearing, that is when the noise stops. Any time I have ever heard that it wound up being either a slightly bent clutch fork (some used to be made of pressed metal instead of forged) or a throw out bearing that was not just right. If it is an after market throw out bearing I would suspect it first. The good news is that occasionally the noise dissipates with time, either that or it REALLY gets bad and you have to fix it! :)

Hope this helps..........


Thanks for the fast reply..

The throw out bearing is GM. And the pplate aswell. I dident changed the clutch fork. Could the clutch fork be out of aligment? Or bent? Is it normal to have 2mm of play between the t/o bearing and the clutch fork, up and down? You think its dangerous to drive like this. And I need to brake harder now then 1 week ago to get the sound.



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Have you replaced the pivot ball for the clutch fork. That thing wears over a period of time and will eventually need to be replaced. ;)


nope i did not... :/ could that be it?


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