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Welcome aboard, Bruce! :w
Welcome Bruce. I am a Life Member of the National Corvette Museum. I was a member for over 20 years and figure I might as well become a Life Member.
Welcome Bud! Pictures.... we always like pictures.
We at the Corvette Action Center want to say hello and welcome you to our community! If you're reading this, you've obviously found our Forums, but we're much more than just another forum for Corvette enthusiasts.

For more information and a brief description of the CAC, read our About Us page. On the bottom of every page, you'll find a link to the Terms of Service for using the CAC. Within the Terms of Service, there are Rules of Conduct which are designed to ensure a friendly atmosphere in which all members are treated in a considerate and respectful manner. Toward that end, we have several volunteer Moderators and Administrators who are tasked with keeping the CAC running smoothly. Check out The CAC Team to see a brief description of the duties assigned to the Staff.

Another area of great significance here at the CAC is our Tech Center. It serves as a portal to a collection of Corvette related news and information not found anywhere else on the web. From the printable checklist on the Buying A Corvette page, to the Corvette Care, How-To, Owner Research, and Corvette Storage sections, enthusiasts can learn a great deal about America's Sportscar!

From the Tech Center, you can also navigate to the Model Center which contains production numbers, specs and performance figures for every Corvette model year since 1953. Want to see photos of your favorite model year? Check out the CAC Gallery.

If you're having difficulties with the site, check out the thread titles in the CAC Site Help and Feedback forum for an answer to your question, or post your question in a new thread in that forum. If you want to test an avatar, signature or photo post, start a new thread in the Site Proving Grounds forum.

Hopefully, this will serve as an introduction to the Corvette Action Center and a guideline for making the most of your membership here. Just remember, the CAC is like life, you get out of it what you put into it.

If you haven't posted an introduction thread in our New Member Introductions forum, do it now and give your fellow Corvette enthusiasts a chance to stop by and say hello!

:wSave the Wave!
Jane Ann
Just bought my '81 C3 and looking forward to summer rides. Glad I found this site and hope to learn more about my ride.
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Welcome to CAC!!
enjoy the '81!!!! its a fun vette!!!

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