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No ABS codes???


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Jul 6, 2002
Essex, UK
1996 LT-4 Z51 CE
Hi everyone, still trying to fix the ABS on my 1990 6-speed coupe.

According to my manual I should be able to read out the codes via a CCM readout in the dash LCD.

When I short out the contact on the ALDL connector (G or H? I can't remember but I know I shorted out the right one!) I should be able to see a 9.0 displayed in the dash and from there I should be able to extract codes.

I do get the codes for the ECM (1.0 range) and CCM (4.0 range). Am I to deduce that my ABS ECM isn't communicating with the CCM?

Although many of you will know this already from my previous posts on the subject (epecially Vigman - thanks for your help so far) when I extract codes via the DIC I get a code 31 (right rear sensor) 71 (EBCM internal fault) and 25 (left front sensor).

Previously it looked likely that my EBCM (ABS ECM or module) was probably dead. Does the above look like further evidence to support this?

This was one last desperate question because getting a new EBCM is a real hassle for me in the UK. Anyone know any good sources for this part? I contacted GM but they told me they won't deal with anyone or give help to anyone outside the USA. Wonder if they'd say the same thing if I'd just parted with $50,000 for a new Z06?


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Feb 13, 2001
Valencia, CA,USA
88 Convert ( SOLD ) /1973 coupe 4 speed/1964 Vert!
I'm not sure about this

The EBCM MIGHT not be able to talk directly to
the CCM..... I have to admit a 90's shop manual & Schematics woulb be real handy ( for me ) at this point.

I would suggest you put out a MAYDAY
( It's like a PURPLE alert without changing the bulb)

to all 90's owners ( Like 69my way & topless82 and other members )

And have em to the same jump.. to see if the CCM can speak to the ABS..

I'll wager a BIG FAT NO!
Zed, nada,zip,zilch!


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