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no mufflers?


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Jan 9, 2002
'77 Black 4sp Coupe '96 Polo Green Coupe
Would leaving your mufflers off for a few days hurt anything. I'm not going to have time to finish my install today. I already have the old mufflers off, is the heat from the exhaust going to hurt anything under the car, if I have to drive it this week with out mufflers???
Fumes are your biggest concern. They will enter the cab and make you sick, especially if you go on long drives.

Next concern, Police. Sting doesnt like noise that much and you might get a fix-it ticket.
I would at the least extend the tailpipe past the rear bumper. At least that will keep exhaust out of the cabin.

Not really.

Part of my exhaust kept coming apart, I never smelled anything in the car. I just heard a rattle from the pieces hitting each other.

Thanks for the input everybody.

Hey Carlo, if I put pipes to extend to the bumper wouldn't I have virtualy the same exhaust you have?

My exhaust pipe diameter is 3.25". what engineer pulled that idea out?? Why would any dual exhaust system, especialy on a small block need any diameter that big. I have found 3" piping at autozone and Summit carries 3.5" but no 3.25" to speak of. I guess I could get 3.5" and have an exhaust shop fit it.

happy memorial day everyone
My system is 3". I have been considering changing. I am not sure I really need that much, no to mention that is does not have a lot of clearance with the convertible frame stiffeners.

Yeah I bet with the extra frame support there isn't much room under there. Full out cat backs are just so damned expensive. But I bet the 3" pipes would give a nice mellow rumble too. Mike, do you have any systems you are looking into? Any mods on your '92?

RE "not really"

You might not smell it but it will be there!
77Dvette:Hey Carlo, if I put pipes to extend to the bumper wouldn't I have virtualy the same exhaust you have?

Not really. The targa is in it's own way a muffler, not just a piece of pipe. Any good muffler shop will mount whichever system you choose to buy.

The only things done to mine are the 3" cat back, K&N, and upgraded brakes ( Factory 13" system w/ crossdrilled).

As far as new exhaust systems, I have been toying with the idea of getting an X-pipe made and try no mufflers. Thant might be a little much for a daily driver though. If not, I might bite the bullet and get a Borla system. That would mean I would step down to a 2.5" or 2.75"? though. I just want the get rid of the resonance in the cabin really.

Other than that, I am trying to find the easiest/simplest way to get to 400hp.

What about you?


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