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No start problem

This was with the NEW batt


I put a new battery in,in May,6 weeks later no start,did a load test,read fine,made them do a hydrometer test,one cell had gone south.

What brand battery did you plop in?

The first one was one form an implement store,Farm&Fleet, that has a very good rep. for batteries,I believe thier made by Johnson Controls,the replacement was a Champion as at the time they were out of the one I needed at f&f.
Not the battery Vig, Barrier. It was brand new replacement AC Delco. The one I returned last week was only 3 months old but they exchanged it for me. I thought it might be a battery too but it's definitely the 6 pin or purple wire off the ignition. When I get time after BG I'll tackle it. Does GM still sell the proper connector?

Doubt it

Could be male your own connector time..or just butt splice em.

beware on that 6 pin connecter,they will plug in backwards,and if you do ,you'll burn out the park/netural relay,when that happens the starter will crank as soon as the key is turned on.I learned that through the school of har knocks.
Thanks for the tip Barrier. I'll keep an eye out for that. I'll probably go with butt connects and eliminate the plug.
Thanks guys,
Or get a different connector

One the CAN handle the large current.

It might make things easier if you have to jerk the motor for any reason.


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