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No Windshield + Rain = BAD



:mad Help me!!!! I am a vette owner wanna be. But in the mean time I am driving a 2005 Jag X-Type (15,000 miles). The windshield cracked a week ago so I arranged to have it replaced. Today the guy came to do the work. He pulled the old ws off and then it begain to rain, VERY HARD!!!!!!! He didn't have a tarp so he ran to the store to get one (this was taking place at my wife's work). 25 min later he came back with a tarp. The car had an inch of water on the floor and god knows how much water in the dash and in the vents.

Do I take it to the dealer and have them inspect it. My fear is that all other repairs after this time will be connected to this situation and will be out of warranty. I have arranged for a full detail my the local detail shop (they do a really good job). But that will just fix the surface stuff. What about the wiring etc?

To top it off I got rear-ended by some idiot yesterday in my mustang. This is just terrible!!!!!!!

I thought I had good kharma.


I just came in from the garage and the car looks fine. It is perfectly dry and all the bells and whistles are working perfectly. I let the floor vents run with the heat and ac blasted to cut the moisture out. I sure hope it works.


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Jun 25, 2003
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You probably will be alright. Running the HVAC is the right thing to do.

Sorry about the Stang. At least you are OK.




Yep agree. I was just panicing. The Jag is touchy enough without dumping about bunch of water in the dash!!

Stanger will be all better in a week or so. It smudged the bumper really good and ruined the exhaust from the cats back (o darn:_rock).

No only if they could get it to turn into a Corvette....

Thank you!!!

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