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non runflats / runflats


Active member
Jan 26, 2002
Janesville, Wi. USA
2012 SuperSonic Blue GS
I know a lot has been said about this subject, is there anything
new that would suggest that a non runflat is just as safe and
perform well on a 99 C5? Has anyone purchased the Z06 Tire
Inflation Kit and used it? Does it work just as well? From what
information I have found, if you have a problem with a runflat and you do not find a shop that has the capability to change and fix
a runflat, you could be out of luck.
Is there any clearance problems with non-runflats?
Do they ride better than runflats?
I really need your fellow members input and help, I don't know
what to do.
Thanks for any help.

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