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non-vette AC problems


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Apr 18, 2002
Ringgold, GA
1994 Black on Black 6spd
My nephew has a 91 Nissan 240SX on which the AC has quit working. I cannot tell if the compressor is shot because every time I turn the AC on it blows the 10amp fuse in the fuse box. I do not hear the compressor clutch engaging as the fuse blows immediately. The blower works great, but right now it is only blowing hot air. It is an R12 system that I plan to convert to 134 but I want the system working before I do that. Any ideas as to why I would be blowing fuses that are not running the fan/blower? Does the compressor have an electric feed to it? I thought the compressors only pulled from the engine and not from the electrical system. Evidently I was wrong. It does not have any automatic air or anything like that, and it does not matter vent setting I have it on it blows the fuse regardless. I do not know how much current the AC is pulling through the 10amp fuse yet but I will check that tonight if that would help anything. Thanks for your help.
Jan 1, 2002
Washington, Michigan
'67 Marina Blue Convertible
You really should have the Shop Manual for the car so you understand the circuitry involved with the A/C system; the compressor has a 12-volt feed for the clutch coil - that's what engages the clutch. If the compressor clutch coil (or the feed wire to it) is shorted to ground, that's what's blowing the fuse immediately.


I highly recommend www.aircondition.com Once there click on "Straight to the Board."

Post any auto a/c question there and it will be answered quickly and accurately.

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