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Now that you've had your Supercharger a while


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Jul 5, 2004
So Cal
2004 Millenium Yellow Coupe
I’m wondering if those of you who have installed a Supercharger over the past few years have any horror stories or comments about them. In particular, has any one experienced problems with engine longevity, A4 transmission or rear end problems, irregular belt replacements or complications that arose from the SC itself? I am leaning towards installing the Procharger on my 04 C5 LS1. I’ve read the post’s here dating back to 2002 and figured now is a good time to see how happy everyone is with their SC’s. Comments please.

Over 2 years with my A&A P1SC setup. 480 rwhp. No problem with tranny since I had an FLP Level IV installed the same time. No major problems and I take it on long road trips. Since your in So Cal, see Andy Green at A&A Corvette Performance in Oxnard. http://www.aandacorvette.com/ He's the best C5 supercharger guy in the Western US.
My set up is more extreme, and I have done many additional things to handle the power, therefore maybe not a fair comparison.

My only real big problem was belt slipping, due to the poor ATI bracket design and my original builders design. No engine problems specific to the supercharger, but it was built for it. I have close to 50,000 miles on the engine since supercharger went on, and I drive it hard. The drivetrain was built up, but the one weak point (not initially upgraded) was the drive shaft which I twisted. I have a new/stronger one in there now. The greater the power you put down, the greater the strain on the parts and the weak areas will manifest.

I totally agree with the suggestion to see Andy at A&A, he is the man out on the west coast. If done correctly, I would expect years of fun. If you push the limits of boost/hp, things will break and longevity be reduced. A P1SC or D1SC running 5-7 lbs boost should be pretty safe in my opinion. My suggestion is to have it installed and tuned by a professional though (such as Andy).

Good luck, keep us updated.
Thanks for the input. Looks like I will be getting the P1SC installed pretty soon. How long do your belts last and do you carry a spare?
Andy at A&A and ECS on the east coast have pretty much worked out all the numerous problems with the procharger kit. In fact, since they have been so successful, ATI has recently been reluctant to sell them head units, as nobody wants to buy a full kit from ATI anymore. Both shops now have alternatives with other head units. ATI recently introduced a revised C5 kit which uses most of these improvements, but I would still go with the guys who actually did all the trouble shooting and manufactured the good kits. Since you're on the west coast, your first step should be a visit to A&A's website and a phone call to Andy.
Thanks for the additional input. I'm glad to hear there is someone not too far away that has such a tremendous amount of respect and that I can rely on if I ever have any issues. :upthumbs

PS. So what type of plane are you flying? I know a few MD-11 guys based in TN.
Had mine going on 3 years now- nary a problem except with having to reprogram the ECU after Chevy reflashed it during a recall!
UPDATE: Well I finally got it done. On one hand I'm sorry I didn't ask these questions before I committed to a local shop. With all of the great things said about Andy, I can rest easy I hope, knowing he is only 120 miles away.:duh

As for the new system, WOW should just about sum it up. It’s got unbelievable power that’s not like flipping a switch but is rather user friendly and easy to manage. I haven’t gotten too crazy yet, just enough to see the tires light up at about 50 and bark like a dog as they grab second gear. I’m still a bit nervous with this automatic transmission hoping I don’t grenade it. :ugh

Thanks for the replies and good info. I’ll post more after the dyno tuning is complete. I just hope it lives up to the numbers they advertise.
Dont make the same mistake I made. Took mine to dealer for oil change and they ran the vin saw the recall for steering and being the nice people they are, they flashed my computer and wiped my tune. Now I am running rich (9AFR) gotta have re-tuned. It was half my fault and my wife they called she gave them the okay,"whoops". That was followed by a phone call saying the car will not run. Had to go down after work and reflash with my predator still running rich working on that problem now. Shouldn`t be a big deal just watch for whenever your car has anthing done they don`t touch the computer without you knowing!

Strange Part- Mechanic didn`t know the car had anything done, go figure the boost gauge and fuel pressure gauge in your face or the polished super charger next to the oil fill. Shame on me this time.
I'm got about 26,000 miles since the supercharger installation and have zero regrets.

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