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OBD1 help



I am getting my 92 LT1 vette ready for the state inspection and suspect the car's tuning has been altered. After doing some digging I found out that there is a system (OBD1) for tweaking the performance of the car. Would I be correct in saying that you can connect a cable between the PC and the diagnostic port on car and by running the right software you can look at and edit performance parameters? Does anyone know the pin configuration for the cable between the PC and diagnostic port? Or the protocols the PC would have to send to get the information from the car.

If anyone has direct experience or know where I can get the info, I would appreciate their help. :)


LarryK 87

check the craig moates website, he has freeware that will read the info from your ecm, BUT youneed the cable to interface, kit is 35.00
Jun 20, 2002
Tallahassee, FL
none right now :(
1992 isn't on the OBD standard... that started 1994... Your car has a chip, so if the car's computer has been altered, it will have a different chip. The computer is under the hood, driver side, just in front of the window, above the battery, it is the black box... loosen the nuts and carefully flip it upside down onto the windshield. There is a small rectangle cover held on by 2 screws, un screw them and take off the cover, you will see the PROM... it should have a lable on it if it is aftermarket... even if it is aftermarket, it should pass emissions testing... hope this helps

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