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OE Wheels?

Chris Kennedy

Well-known member
Apr 13, 2003
Houston, Texas
I've seen a bunch of these on e-bay for a while now. Does anyone have these? Are they good quality? Do they fit?


They are about half the price of a lot of reproduction wheels I have seen offered, and in my experience, you get what you pay for.

If you are referring to the place in Sarasota, Florida, I just got a set of wheels from them and they are so far terrific. I ordered all black Z06 style (C5) for my '89. These are ALL black (the only ones I could find anywhere; these are not the ones with the black centers and silver rims). The only issue I had was that the offset was 54mm, rather than the 56mm. I was concerned at first, and called their tech person. Apparently, the way the company works is that they get these wheels en masse, and they are all 54mm. Anyway, the difference is so tiny (I believe less than a tenth of an inch), it made no discernable difference in looks or how the wheels worked. The finish was perfect, and the wheels were straight and true (I have had the car up to 90 mph since I got them; jet smooth with no vibrations or other problems). We'll see how they work in the long run, but what I think is going on is that it is becomming far less easy to disparage many of these "Made in China" type products as second class. There was an article in the Wall Street Journal several weeks ago talking, in fact, about this very fact with respect to auto parts made in China. Many times in my automotive career I have bought some expensive product (usually European) with a snooty reputation---i.e., "you are a better person because you buy our ultra-expensive X, Y Z product"--the Porsche crowd are real fall guys for this, only to have it break. We've all seen this, I suspect (think Griot's Garage stuff, or whatever it's called). Anyway, I've run on here, but I'd give this Ebay company a shot.


/s/ Chris Kennedy


Sep 24, 2004
Southwest Kansas
2007 Atomic Orange Coupe
I bought mine from Bones Enterprises same brand of wheels, OE. I had them road force balanced becasue I was concerned about the wheel it self. They told me the wheels were balanced very well. They look great and the price is really good as well. These wheels weigh just a tad more than the stock "saw blades" but I am very happy with mine. Here's a link to Bones' auction.

As a matter of fact the white Corvette in the ad is mine! They don't rape you on the shipping charges like the other place. Give them a call/email them with questions, they were great to work with. Or you can email/PM me if you have specific questions that I can answer.

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