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Off to look at a '78 Silver Anniv.......



To any of you out there that own one, is there anything specific I should look for or concentrate on?

It has original tires, 21k miles, some engine work done and paint is in "good" condition. I don't know what a good Silver Ann. paint job would run, but I wonder how much that has been factored into the price.

Any comments will be appreciated.



Is what we paid for our paintjob. Original job was quoted at $3500, but the sneaky shop tacked on an additional $1000 without fixing the specific items I asked for. I was also disappointed in the overall quality of the job. I noticed a few areas that could have been done better or should have been re-done. To give them credit, they did smooth the 'orange-peel' after I *****ed enough and hounded them about it.

Over all, the paintjob would be classified as custom, and not original, because the second color and stripes were masked and painted on, instead of using striping tape, and had several clear coats over the top of everything so there are no ridges at the color edges.

Still, the vehicle price should factor overall condition;
How well the interior looks compared to the mileage.
How protected the paint was kept. (wash/wax, garage stored)
Engine work. Documenting what was performed, why and when.
Have any "big-ticket" items been done? Probably not on a vehicle with such low miles, but also factor into what YOU will pay, because regardless of the low miles...almost EVERYTHING on that 78 will be almost 25 years old! The parts may not be deteriorated, but think of the gaskets and grease for moving parts...how often did they drive it? Several times every year, or has it sat for the last few years?

Hope this gives you some things to think about.



From the pictures I've seen, that he has sent me, the interior is red cloth and looks good. Like I said, the tires are original so I would anticipate the interior should be good. He has done some repair to stop leaks as would be legit for a 25 year old car. Things like valve cover gaskets, power steering hoses, a little brake work and a exhaust replaement. Otherwise, he has done nothing major mechanical. He has had it for a couple years and hasn't put many miles on it.

He intention was to drive it seasonally and repaint it, but with new house, kids, etc, doesn't have the time. He has tracked down some historical information on it and has talked to the original owner. Seems he was a Kansas oil guy who bought 3 of them and sold two prior to taking delivery. This is the one he kept. Sold it to a friend of his who put most of the miles on it. The reason for the paint need is that it had been driven some on gravel/dirt roads (driveway perhaps) and has some paint chips on the rocker panels from that. I pretty sure he keeps it garaged.

I have tried to do some evaluating with the price book and am torn between a #2 & #3. It will need some $$$ for initial expense (tires and probably underside engine compartment clean up due to prior fluid leaks to make sure something else isn't leaking). To me, that puts it as a #3, but it wouldn't be considered a "driver" or have a "dirty chassis" due to the low miles and the otherwise "originality" of everything else. At a #2 with all the options it comes in at 18,500 and a #3 brings it in at 14,500. At 21k miles, I wouldn't even conider that "moderate wear" of a #2.

I suppose I'll know more tomorrow. Thanks again for your feedback.

Have a great weekend. :beer

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