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Oil and tire changes



I kind of hate to ask this question since it really sounds like a newbie car question (and I'm too old of that). But since I’m really am a newbie Vette owner, I’ll ask it anyway. And I know that everyone will have an opinion on this one, so please don’t flame me too much! ;)

If one is not going to actually do the work for oil changes on the Corvette, where is the best place to take it? Is those hour places ok or should it be taken back to the dealership?

Also, where is the best place to take the Vette for tire changes?
Don't be afraid to ask newbie questions. Regardless of age, or what kind of Corvette you own. That's how we all learn.

Definitely take the car to your local dealer for oil changes. I have heard WAY too many nightmares about cars being damaged by negligence at shops that specialize in oil changing. Save yourself future hassles, and have a Chevrolet dealership perform your oil changes.

As for tire changes, again, I would take it to the dealership or to a Goodyear dealer which should have the proper equipment to change tires.
I go to a fast lube establishment where I know the help. The main reason I use them is they have a pit so the car doesn't have to be jacked. Also I don't need a apointment and can watch them do it. Wherever you go, make sure you see the container the oil comes in and make sure its pure synthetic. The last time I had mine changed they were mistakenly about to put in a Mobil 1 blend until I corrected them. As for the tire changes, mine have been off and on Twice and the Goodyear dealer did it flawlessly. Even with Goodyear shops you have to be carefull. Some don't have a clue. Ask if they guarantee the work. If they laugh, you know your in the wrong place. Good luck
Hi there,
As for the oil changes, please consult your 'oil life monitor', in the DIC. You can be fairly certain that this is an accurate assessment of the life of your oil. I usually suggest that your oil be changed when you monitor reaches about 15%.
As for the tires, balancing and alignment are critical to the correct life from your tires. A balance and alignment should be performed every year, or 12k miles, whichever comes first. Tire pressures should be 30 psi cold, with a tire pressure gauge.
Hope that this helps, and best to you, c4c5
I agree the best place to take your Vette is the dealer because at least they know pretty much what they are doing. I am luckly because I live one 5 minutes away from a Chevy dealer that specializes in Vettes and Camaros. They are the biggest repair faculty in Southern California.
Thanks for all the good information. That's why this site is fantastic; the people will are friendly and knowledgeable!

I bought Mobil 1 and a Fram filter last night and took my Baby in this morning to the Dealership when it opened. They promised 30 minutes, but it took 1-1/2 hours. Although, looking at the procedure, if done right, I can't see it taking less than 45 minutes. I brought 7 quarts, but they only used 6; I guess I better check the level when I get home.

The next adverture is the tires. But there still is life on them, so it will be later.

Again, thanks for the help! :w
Could there ever be such a thing as changing your oil too much? I do mine about every 2200-2500 instead of the 3000.

I'm still using regular oil as opposed to synthetic. I'm thinking about switching over when the spring rolls around. All I have to do is put in synthetic right? I don't have to do any other things do I? I hear a lot of people praise Mobile 1.
It's just a waste of money; if money's no problem, change it as often as you want Bull, you can't hurt ahything. ;)

_ken :w
BullWinkle said:
Could there ever be such a thing as changing your oil too much? I do mine about every 2200-2500 instead of the 3000.

I'm still using regular oil as opposed to synthetic. I'm thinking about switching over when the spring rolls around. All I have to do is put in synthetic right? I don't have to do any other things do I? I hear a lot of people praise Mobile 1.

I highly recommend switching to synthetic and there is nothing else to do but make the switch. There is an excellent article on the use of synthetic motor oil in this month's GM Hi-Tech Performance magazine which can be found on your local news stand. Pick up a copy because it's definitely worth reading.
I have another question to bring up;

I was at work a couple weeks ago and put something in a trunk for a elderly couple. I noticed a quart of Mobile 1 synthetic oil in their trunk and asked them what that was for. It seems like the dealer tells them to put synthetic oil in their 2001 Cavalier. He said that oil changes cost him $50!!!!

I asked him if synthetic was really necessary for a Cavalier. He said that he doesn't have to change the oil every 3000 miles because he can go longer between changes. Okay, the oil will last for more than 3000, but the filter doesn't right?
I don't want to give you a heart attack, BullWinkle, but the Chevy Dealer here in Houston quoted $90 plus tax to change the oil in my Vette. :( I bought Mobil 1 & the filter at Walmart and had the dealer put it in (cost me $22 labor). The total cost was $51. :D
Wow, that sure is a lot of money to pay for an oil change!

Does anyone really notice a difference with synthetic oil? I mean, do you feel just slightly more "pull" or anything like that?
It's LIQUID GOLD running through my Vete's veins! :L :L :L

Seriously, I can't tell any difference; but then again, I've never had reguLar oil in it. :upthumbs
I think it's a waste on a Cavalier, personally. The real advantage seems to be when the engine runs hot, it doesn't break down as easily. Of course, maybe he races the Cavalier:D
I use Mobil 1 in my Vette and it runs fine. I never used any other oil so I don't know the difference. As far a changing the oil, I buy it myself and take it to a local machanic and he charges me $15. Not bad at all. Maybe it is because I have known him for a while.
Well Edmund,
The big difference is that synthetic oil doesn't break down from heat like conventional oils do. As for the filter, yes you still have to change the filter at least every 12,000 miles or 12 months. The premium synthetics will go 25,000 miles without a change, with normal filter changes. I will still change my oil and filter every year, and use the very best oil I can find. That's cheap insurance to keep my baby purring. ;) :w
I am the 3rd owner on my vette and there were no service records.
So first thing I did was have all fluids checked or changed out.
I contacted my local Corvette Club and asked them via email who they suggest for oil changes in my area.

They passed me the name of a local 30 minute quick change.. The owner is a vette guy himself.

Long story short, I go to walmart and buy the oil and filter. That way there is no mistake on their part.

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