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Oil Leaks-still a mystery (or I am too lazy to tear it down)


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
Hmm, I am still in a quandry about my oil leaks.

I just took a sniff sample of my drips and have the following observation.

The drip or two that I get on the rear of the bellhousing and back smells like gear oil. The drips I get on the very bottom lip of the bellhousing and oil pan don't smell like gear oil.

Also, I am not sure if i cleaned the garage floor from my last outing, so the leak may not be as bad as I thought.

I can't imagine why the trans would be leaking.

I don't recall what type if any of a seal is in the nose of the trans, but that is where it would be coming from. Maybe I overfilled it?

The 90 Vette had a regular leak after I put the freaky roller motor and miniram in. I kept washing the lower end and watching it. That leak turned out to be a combo of a valve cover and oil cooler adapter. She is dry as a bone now.

I know for a FACT that the back of the heads, intake, distributor hole, etc, on the 69 is bone dry and super clean.

Now, I did blow several quarts of oil out the dipstick hole on the highway. However I would think, hope, pray that it has all since washed down and is no longer oozing out of places it got lodged.

Okay, I am just rambling now, but believe me, sharing with you guys almost always helps me put my thoughts in order.

I also used a high quality felpro all rubber one piece oil pan gasket, and I have retorqued the pan bolts. So, pulling the power cable, starter, pan, (I think the drag link), oil pump, rear main cap, and changing the seal may be in my future.


Heh, Heh, for some reason Chris,I thought you wouldnt have these problems, having done the complete build and restoration.

From my own experience,(Im having the same problem), I look at it like this, The oil from a leaking rear main seal or pan gasket, blows all the way back to the differential and drips down at all the convenient places in between when you park it. It covers the trans. on its way and makes it look like it could be that , I dont think its likely though, ditto with the drips from the diff.

One way to see a big oil leak from the rear of the motor is to get the oil hot and park it on a real steep incline. the oil will continue to seep through the seal or Pan gasket.

The trans and diff can be checked ( if you can wait) by getting an "exact" oil level reading of each. drive your car a long ways, then Keep checking those readings for lube loss.

If you cant positivly indentify whats leaking (motor, trans, Diff), then My two cents worth is to start with the easiest to replace. Drop the oil pan replace the rear main seal (and the gasket again).

Hope this helps...

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