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Question: oil pan removal


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Aug 4, 2007
Brampton, Ontario
1981 White
This may be a stupid question, but why do you have to move the crank to a certain positon to drop the oil pan? And what is the position (and how do I do that);shrug;shrug?
The direct answer to your question is no.
BUT to get the pan off, you do need to drop the steering linkage. Easiest way to do that is take the big nut off the top of the idler arm, put a big hammer on one side of the arm and smack the other side with a bigger hammer. When it drops, pull the loose end of the cross link down.
TimAT Is correct however I did mine alittle diferently but TimATs will work. You will need about 24 inches off the floor using jack stands, or place on a lift to remove the pan. You will also need to push forward to get the oil baffel past the oil pump pickup.

If you set the timing index line on the balancer at about 5 o'clock (as viewed from the front), that will put the front counterweight on the crank up out of the way and it gives you more clearance to the crossmember to get the pan off (and, more importantly, to get it back on without scraping the gaskets). :thumb

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