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Oil pressure gauge shot?


Jun 12, 2007
Wheeling, West Virginia
1981 Silver T-Top (St. Louis Car)
when i first bought my 81, the gauge read 40 for the oil pressure, seemed fine. now the gauge jumps all over the map from 20 to 40 to 80 to 60 back and forth. I'm wondering if the gauge is bad, loose connection, or a major problem. I have ran the car and It still runs great. no problems that I notice... is this an issue with this gauge, or can this be fixed ? also, if you would happen to go over a "gradual" bump in the road and the back drops, and you can hear the exhaust clang off the ground, would that be a monoleaf spring problem? I just put KYB's on my car all around, and if i go over a gradual rolling bump where the whole car drops, i can hear the exhaust clang, or scrape. any advice would help. thanks.


Well-known member
Jan 23, 2007
Millersville, MD
1979 L-48 Black Coupe
I would start with your oil sending unit first. This would be the easiest part to replace to potentially resolve your issue. As far as your Vette bottoming out, do you still have the stock exhaust or has it been replaced? My exhaust has been replaced and when I go over a bump in the road my exhaust contacts the ground as well. I need to have it looked at but have found other things to be more important. If you have stock exhaust and the shocks have been replaced then the next piece on the Vette to look at would be the monospring and possibly the suspension bushings. Other forum members will post there opinions so be patient.

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