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Oil Pressure Gauge


Steve Cummings

I pulled the block on my 78 and had the performer rpm camshaft installed. While the cam was being done I had a high flow oil pump installed. Here's where the problems begin. My oil pressure gauge completely redlines all the time. I've changed the sending unit (factory) on the block and still no difference. Any recommendations. Thanks.
Steve Cummings said:
I had a high flow oil pump installed.
My oil pressure gauge completely redlines all the time.

your post is a deja vu.
Someone else posted this same situation sometime last year. Only they had purchased the car with a recently modified performance motor, and noticed their oil guage was always maxed. Several people chimed in asking if the motor had a hiflow oil pump. He researched his motor mods and sure enough it did.
I beleive the outcome of the feedback, was something like, nothing wrong..wysiwyg.."what you see is what you get" Big oil flow big pressure.
With oil flow, Id keep looking for other feedback regarding this all important factor.
Try the search engine, use "oil pump" or hi flow Oil pump" ect.

Have you measured

the actual oil pressure, and what are you looking to do with the dash gauge at this point? de sensitize it, so when the engine has 70 psi the gauge shows 50 or 40 That could be done.

And I assume when you shut off the engine the gauge slowly drops to normal 0

Time to go back in and change back to a stock pump. Chevy never used a high volume pump in any car and only used a high pressure pump in a very few high performance solid lifter engines. High pressure and high volume can damage hydraulic lifters and the distributor cam drive gear. Also a high volume can pump all the oil out of the pan unless you have a special high capacity pan. For street use all you will ever need is the stock pump.


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