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...ok, who bought a Callaway today?


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Feb 18, 2002
...there were two of these Callaways on eBay today - now there is ONE :eek

Here is the remaining one:


The History Of this Callaway Blazer

The 1993 Callaway SuperNatural Blazer is a unique expression of the Callaway SuperNatural concept in the mid-sized Blazer platform. Developed and executed by Callaway for an established client who appreciates both performance and unique presence, the SuperNatural Blazer remains one of a kind. Its 383 cubic inch Chevy small block,converted to multi-port fuel injection using GM’s PCM6 Powertrain Control Module, made 425 brake horsepower on Callaway’s SuperFlow engine dynamometer, with 446 lb-ft of
torque. Working with Delco Electronics engineers, the engine’s performance was matched with the PCM’s management of the 4L60E four-speed/overdrive automatic transmission
including raising the shift points to complement the balanced and blueprinted SuperNatural engine’s increased rpm. It was tuned to meet applicable tailpipe emission standards.

In addition to its 4.030 bore by 3.750 stroke engine dimensions its specification includes big valves in ported, flowed and polished heads, revised camshaft, fabricated headers and a stainless steel dual exhaust system with catalytic converters and Borla CVX mufflers.

To complement the Callaway SuperNatural Blazer’s performance its safety and handling were enhanced with an internal padded rollbar and a set of 17 inch Boyd’s billet aluminum wheels mounting high speed Bridgestone tires. The Graphite gray exterior received a full width billet grille with hidden headlights, body color bumper covers, billet license plate frames and a rear roll pan. The interior has a leather trimmed Boyd’s billet steering wheel matching the wheels and Boyd’s pedal covers. Exterior paint was matched and detailed
to show-quality standards by Turnpike Auto Body who turned out many of Callaway’s show cars.

After delivery to its first owner the Callaway SuperNatural Blazer has proved its highly satisfying qualities by accumulating many more miles than other vehicles in his collection of high performance late model vehicles, although still having only 55,800 miles from new. The collection is maintained by an experienced staff and the SuperNatural Blazer has always been kept ready and regularly maintained for use on short notice.

With only 11.6 pounds per horsepower the Callaway SuperNatural Blazer is a unique combination of performance and all-around utility. It is one of a kind – tractable and wellbehaved in daily driving, comfortable and well-equipped, with all the accoutrements of modern driving, yet capable of exhilarating bursts of speed and distinguished by refined butdistinctive visual appearance. It turns heads as quickly today as it did in 1993, whether sedately cruising or when unleashing its 425 horsepower.


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Feb 18, 2002
...nevermind - it is relisted ;squint:



History of The Callaway SuperBourban

The 1993 Callaway modified four door 3/4 ton 4x4 Chevrolet Suburban offered here is known by its Kentucky-based owner and longtime Callaway customer as the “SuperBourban," recognizing both Kentucky’s signature spirits and the undeniably super configuration of this unique sport utility.

Aside from its powertrain improvements, the SuperBourban is the vehicle that is missing from GM’s sport utility lineup – a full size four door with a long wheelbase and short overall length. It was conceived and executed by Callaway Cars in Old Lyme, Connecticut to meet the owner’s specific need for a reasonably sized four-wheel drive luxury utility vehicle able to traverse rough terrain but also coddle its occupants in comfort and, particularly, to make rear seat access practical for full size adults. The object was simple. The execution was not.

To deal with the size of the Suburban Callaway sectioned the body behind the rear wheels, taking nearly a foot out of the Suburban’s 219.5 inch overall length. Special quarter window glass was sourced from the supplier in Finland that Callaway had found for custom glass for its limited edition Speedster series. Exterior modifications continued with special Callaway emblems replacing the Chevrolet identification, installation of a rear roll pan, front bumper cover and a full width billet grille with the headlights hidden behind. The same skilled craftsmen who executed the Callaway Speedsters and Corvettes gave the SuperBourban a showquality paint job in brilliant black. The resulting SuperBourban is one of the most distinctive and startlingly different utility vehicles ever created. Its combination of short rear overhang, long wheelbase and full sized doors attracts instant attention. Onlookers know they are looking at something exceptional, they are just not sure quite what it is.

The chassis and suspension were modified to give the 2500 Suburban’s 3/4 ton ride the feel and control of the 1500 series 1/2-ton chassis and upgrade its handling and compliance in keeping with its thunderous performance. Wheels and tires were replaced with unique the Bridgestone threespoke Run Flat alloy wheels and high speed tires used on the Callaway Speedsters and SuperNatural Corvettes, contributing to the SuperBourban’s distinctive appearance and serious presence.

The stock beige interior was largely unchanged. A new headliner was installed to match the shortened roof, interior rear panels modified to fit and new rear speaker mounts fabricated. The windows were given a light tint to complement the black exterior. In keeping with the performance capability of the SuperBourban safety was augmented with an internal rollbar.

The SuperBourban’s most significant changes came under the hood where the 230 horsepower, 385 lb-ft 454 cubic inch Big Block was replaced by a GM sourced 502. That in itself would effect a material improvement in the Suburban’s performance but the plan implemented by Callaway and its customer went far beyond a simple crate-engine swap.

Callaway Cars’ lofty reputation is based on thorough and comprehensive research, development, testing and meticulously detailed implementation, an engineering approach to performance development. In the SuperBourban’s case this meant converting the uburban’s throttle body fuel injection to the multi-port fuel injection system of the then recently introduced small block LT1. Working in close cooperation with Delco Electronics’ engineers, the engine’s Powertrain Control Module, designated GM PCM6, was comprehensively reworked and reprogrammed for port fuel injection with custom mapping of the fuel injection and transmission management software to maximize both performance and drivability. Callaway’s SuperBourban engineering file is over one inch thick, full of performance simulations, dyno test results, communications with Delco and minutely tweaked adjustments to the fuel air mapping of the engine under a variety of conditions.

The sophisticated sensing and feedback employed by the LT1- type port fuel injection system was completely replicated and developed by Callaway for the Big Block 502. Tubular headers were fabricated and catalytic converters incorporated in the custom stainless steel dual exhaust system to take advantage of the emissions and mixture feedback capability of the PCM6 computer. Development included fine-tuning the 502’s performance, even at 500 horsepower and 500 lb-ft torque on Callaway’s dynamometer, to meet then-applicable exhaust emissions standards.

Delivered to its proud owner early in 1994, the SuperBourban’s first trip was to Daytona for Speed Weeks. The owner recalled, “It was the center of attention. I think it got more enthusiastic comments and thumbs ups than my Speedster.” Since it was delivered it has been carefully and consistently maintained in the owner’s multi-vehicle collection by full-time staff and kept ready for instant use and enjoyment. It has covered only 27,676 miles from new and its condition is consistent both with its low mileage and with its careful long term ownership.

The Callaway SuperBourban is a highly desirable combination of attributes. Visually distinctive, eminently practical for four or five full-size adults, luxurious and with Callaway’s signature combination of breathtaking performance, precise handling, excellent roadholding and show-quality fit, finish and function. With 500 brake horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque
its weight-power ratio is actually better than the 1993 Corvette. Its unique configuration and striking, but subtle, visual presentation instantly communicates that this is a very
special vehicle and one to be taken very, very seriously.


As the prices drop on those they become very tempting. If the Blazer didn't have red interior I might already have it. (id ask for a wheel swap too :D )


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Dec 18, 2003
Dallas, Texas
94 Callaway SNAT450TT,96 Callaway CE,91 B2K TT-001
I'll swap the wheels for you - no problem...


Mar 2, 2002
Dark Blue 1982 Trans Am(s): Polo Green 1995 MN6
I like the two door better. It reminds me of the Typhoon- but on steroids!


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