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one peice acrylic top (astro top)



Anybody have any experience with this alternative to the t-tops?
Does it rattle?
Does it leak?
How practical is the storage behind the seats?
How is the overall fit/finish?
Oh yeah!

Sure, I have one. Paid $300.00 for it.

Free to good home.

Hope that answers yer question.:nono

Rick and Donna!:beer
Oh okay...

Alright, now that I have vented, let me be a little less curt.

It looks nice when on. It is light enough for one person to handle, is easy to put on/take off (once you make it fit) and does work okay.

1. Did not fit worth a Damn when new. Had to redrill the front pillar holes in the astro top as the fit was way off.

2. Does not do that great of a job keeping the water out at 70 mph.

3. Looks really cheesy close up as the mounting blocks are glued to the top (it is all acrylic).

4. Does fit behind the seat fine. But since it is wide, you can't make as many things fit back there as before with the old tops.

5. Awkard to put in the cheesy storage bag (no velcro even!)

6. More expensive than replacing the t-top weatherstripping. Donna and I just redid the t-tops weatherstripping for $250 ourselves (it was way easier than any other w-stripping we've done before) and are much happier now.

Rick and Donna:beer

Well, if I were you I wouldn't even bother getting that kind of top. Your t-tops are much better, even if they have a slight leak.

We have one and I am hoping to get new tops soon. It leaks really bad and takes up too much rrom in the back.

I would strongly recommend getting either new weather striping or new tops.

Thanks Bev & Solid for saving me some bucks. I love this fourm.

Solid62, I love the attachment, it's nice to see someone as frazzled as I have been:beer

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