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Original A/C Car w/ Power Str/Brks



How to tell if an original A/C Car?

Is there any way to determine if my car came with A/C orginally without the tank sticker? What about Power Steering and Power Brakes?


I have the same question. I just bought a '66 roadster w/427, 390 hp, AC, PS, and PB. Would like to know if it was all original.


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Jan 5, 2002
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Without original documentation, I doubt there is any way to tell except to check for ALL the original parts associated with those options.

If the engine was an original small block, then several of the possible engine codes stamped on its pad might indicate a/c and/or p/s, but even that's not a foolproof method since some codes that don't indicate a/c or p/s might have actually have been used on an a/c or p/s car, depending on other options. There are no such a/c codes for BB cars.

But, a/c is a difficult option to transfer from one car to another... it's certainly possible to do, but it would be an expensive and time-consuming alteration,one that someone might take shortcuts doing (unless they actually replaced the body with one from an a/c car) and thus neglect to obtain ALL the original parts. It is not a very likely item that someone would go to the expense of adding, although I don't doubt it's been done. PS and PB, on the other hand, are fairly easy & inexpensive options to add without leaving clues.

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