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Original C5 Superbowl Commercial



Hello Everyone-

I am trying to find a copy of the original C5 commercial used in the superbowl around 1997. Strickly personal interest.

Any ideas?

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I started searching for you but can't find specifics yet. :( However, I did come across this and thought I'd pass it along for those interested:
Muhammad(adgconsulting.com) (3/1/99 9:56 AM): Yup, think about a corvette is the best ad for a corvette. You see it you want it, end of story.

Dave- Lovepoetry.com (3/1/99 9:56 AM): I think a car advertiser has won if you take a test drive. How many auto brands did you not even get into when you bought your last car.

Bruce (3/1/99 9:56 AM): Someone earlier said "it depends on your product" I think there are many strategies and just using one may eliminate a large audience that would be impacted by a different one.

Muhammad(adgconsulting.com) (3/1/99 9:58 AM): Lots, but to be honest I buy cars based on looks, practicality, price & performance, but the first one is looks. If I see cars on the highway and I don't like the way they look NO ad is going to get me to test drive it.

I know that it's irrelevant to your question, but I'm looking for an answer to that too. ;)

_ken :w
Hello Ken- After much online searching I was unable to locate the clip. I was hoping that someone actually had it on a VCR tape they may have made of the superbowl.


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