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Paint cracks



Hi: I am looking to buy my first Corvette. Am currently looking at a 73, red with T-tops, 116k miles on the body, but a new L82 engine and rebuilt auto trans. both with 16k miles on them. The car looks great and appears to have been well cared for. It has cracking on both fenders, and I believe in a couple of other places. I think these are referred to as "stress cracks" or "webbing". My questions are: Do these cracks mean the car has had a hard life? Or, are they generally common to vettes, and are they more prevelent in certain years or models? Is there something you can do about them, or do you just live with them. I am assuming with a new paint job, they would eventually reappear. Any feedback on this will be greatly appreciated.

Happy Holidays; Ed

In answer to your question, not at all. I believe older Corvettes were very prone to "stress cracks". Some of the owners of older Corvettes here should be able to provide more information on this subject.
My unrestored 64 roadster has quite a few "stress cracks". They appear to only be in the paint and are around areas that you might suspect would have some body flex. I would consider them "normal" unless they are all the way through the fibreglas.

Yes, there normal. Own a body shop. Can crack even just sitting for long periods, sitting in sun. Usually can be repaired, but they are prone to reappearing at a later time. C3s, very often crack along upper side edges from front to rear on front and rear fenders where there is a factory seam line.

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