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Paint Restoration tips



Anyone have any good paint restoration tips or know of any good links?

Paint Resoration

Try Zaino Brothers web site. If you have a clear coat paint job that is is gone bad....SORRY....nothing will help.: I have tried them all for clear coat systems. If the COLOR under the clear coat is faded or otherwise bad...nothing short of a GOOD paint job will help. Don't let anyone tell you any different, there is no way to resotre the color coat with CLEAR on the top of it. As well, if the clear coat is bad, sometimes....AND I MEAN JUST SOMETIMES, you can get away with redoing just the clear coat, but in very rare cases. Most places that will "BUFF" you car, is actually buffing most of the clear coat off. Looks good for a while, then the color coat starts fading, due to the exposure without the clear coat.

Too many times I see people waste money on trying to "FIX" a clear coat system....nothing works. I buy and sell antique cars, so I have used many products with great results on them, however they dont have CLEAR COATS!!!!

I agree, My 84 had a bad coat of paint (wasn't factory) but it was in deed bad. I spent several $$$ in after market, off the shelf products to fix and then found a product applied by a professional that lasted only a month longer that the off the shelf products. Everyone told me that the primar was seeking its way though the base coat and I had a clear coat on top of that.
Result? My 84 is being painted as we speak at the tune of $3000 thank you very much.
Good Luck.
Bob with Jet4rs
carpenter said:
Anyone have any good paint restoration tips or know of any good links?


Linda, you should add the picture you showed in the other post so they could see the condition of the paint of which you speak. ;)


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