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Paint scheme


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Feb 9, 2001
Shreveport, LA
1981 silver/blue: two tone
I am looking to repaint. I talked with a bodyshop, and he thinks that the pinstriping on the car is not right. The car is a 1981, Silver/Blue two tone. The code on the door is right 33/38, but there is a double light blue pin stripe between the colors. How can I find the correct color scheme? Help if you can.
If you don't get an answer. You could hook up with us at Bowling Green June 28 ~ July 1 and get you questioned answered by the people that built it :J

If you can't make the trip and you don't get the answer before hand, I will ask your question for you :D. We have a lot of L81 owners here, and some two tone BG cars too, so maybe someone will stepup and let ya know. I'll do some research too ;)

pin stripes

I think your pin stripes are probably correct if they are a double light blue. The late issue brochure for the '81 models from Bowling Green has a full page print of a car with your color codes. It clearly shows the double blue pin stripes.
I wish my '81 was that color scheme - it's definitely my favorite! I had to settle for pain-in-the-neck black. (The price was right). ;)
Thanks for the input. I plan on coming to BG in June. We'll see ya there.
Sat. Nite, thanks also, I will try and look it up.

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