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painted brake calipers


May 12, 2003
Scottsdale, Az. USA
2000 Navy Rag top
I was looking for some feedback on different brake calliper painting kits. My 2000 navey blue need to be dressed up.

I used gm's touchup paint to match


I used Rustoleum "Sunrise Red Gloss" It's been on my calipers for 20 months now and still looks great. I brushed it on and it came out looking terrific.

Total cost for job, $3.49 for 32 ounce can of paint and $.50 for 5 little brushes that I just threw away when I finished the job.

BTW, I have done 4 other cars with that same can of paint and still have plenty left.
I used GM Mag Red II touch up spray at $7/can on top on a coat of high temp silver $3/can. Spray looks good but is a pain to prep if you tend to spray the entire garage like I do.

I've updated to chrome lug covers and Supercar rubber but the brakes still look good 1 year later.

Are you painting around the existing white letters on the calipers or are you re-painting the letters white after the red is on? Thanks
I painted over the letters, then after the paint is dry, I took a small random obital sander with 200 grit paper and sanded the paint off of the letters. You can apply masking tape to caliper to prevent accidentally scratching the surrounding area.
I Painted over them and lightly scrapped off the lettering with an x-acto hobby knife after it was dry.
how do you jack this up

I want to detail and paint the wheel wells and brake calipers but my jack wont fit under the jack insert.What do you guys use to jack up your c5?Ido nt have the use of alift.Can anybody help?
The aluminum cross member where the lower control arms mount to the frame is where I raise the front. I use a 2x6 cut to the length of the crossmember and use it on top of my jack saddle. After the car is up I use stands on either side of the jack under the wood. It leaves no marks on car. I do the same in the back. I have Word doc that has instructions and Pics I got on the web somewhere 2 years ago. I do all my lifting this way. Works great.
You may have to drive up onto some 2X4 or 2X6 lumber to get the car up high enough to put the jack under it. I have also seen some plans to build ramps from common lumber on this site. Perhaps it can be found with a search.

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