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Does anyone know of someone in the Brockton,Mass area that does airbrushing, or murals????? And also anyone that can paint the car reasonably? Thanks Blueslady
You may want to concider this,I live in Marlboro and I had my Vette painted at the local vocational school last year, under the teachers supervision. "Assabet Valley Tech." they repaired all the stress cracks painted the door jambs(i had removed all weatherstripping). They had the Vette from January to May but it was free storage for me:) The total cost to me was $837.00. Hope this helps.
I took those voc school classes (not the same school , here in RI) 3 years ago , and there is no way i would ever take my vette to have anything done there, or any car for that matter.
Voc Grad *long*

Since I took Auto Body classes in HighSchool at the VoTech in Tennessee, I can say that there are two possibilities:

1. The instructor is great and the kids love the class and will do a nice job.
2. The classes are terrible and the result will be awful.

Ask the votech instructor for some RECENT references (after all the class changes every year) and if they do nice work, he/she will be more than willing to point out some local folks who have had their cars done there.

A few more items:

1. Spare no expense for the materials. Don't scrimp. The labor is the real cost (which you are saving by having the class do the work) and cheap materials will come back to haunt you.
2. Talk to the local NAPA or similar paint supply house. Often they will donate the materials as a great chance to promote their business (a newly painted classic corvette is a great Eyecatcher in an ad.)
3. Don't let them donate cheap materials (see #1 above)
4. You can always call Earl Sheib or Maaco, but remember, they are volume based businesses and usually do a poor job of prep work. The paint looks great for about a year, then it starts to peel, flake, etc.:r:cry

Also, the kids tend to pour their hearts out over the cool cars,:cool as opposed to repainting the local police car or garbagetruck. You will get much better results than normal from them.

Lastly, you will not get a concours or Topflight quality paintjob, but a very servicable job for a fabulous price.

Again, all things said here are from personal experience and everything may be different depending on where you live

Good Luck!:w

Ann76.... the way I look at it i could have the car painted once for $4500.00 even at that price the stress cracks will return,or have it painted every 4 years for about $900.00 and the stress cracks fixed. I saw the teacher last friday he said bring the car in and they will take care of all the dings from normal driving.


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