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Painting underside of Hood


Corvette Craig

I plan on starting my next Corvette Project this week.
I'm going to remove and paint the underside of the hood.

Question is: Any recommendations on how to prep the surface?

Cleaner, primer and paint, any particular brands?

I plan on painting the underside background dark red,
then paint a set of CROSS FLAGS in the center with a GREAT WHITE SHARK in front of the flags.

I'm planning on using normal latex enamel for the artwork, but will this work over a "spray painted" non-latex enemal surface?

Should I clear coat when done?


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
You need to go to the local auto paint supply store and buy a gallon of laquer/enamal cleaner (Dupont) called Final Clean, half a dozen scotch brite pads.

I would remove the hood, and first use some strong degrease soap and plenty of warm water to scrub the bottom. After washing it, switch to the scotch brite pad with soap and water. This will prep the surface, and cut grease.

Now, use plenty of the Final clean on good clean low lent/lent free rags. flood the surface, and wipe off until dry. Final clean will not hurt the outside paint surface on the hood. It removes grease, silicone, and oils from the surface. Wash it really well.

I would stick with Eurothane paints-base clear system to do the custom work. Again, you local auto paint jobber can mix that up for you.

Use a good sealer first though to make sure the paint sticks long term.

Good luck!


Do you anticipate any problems with the effects of heat on the paint? I would be worried about how it would hold up in 95 degree sunny weather at a traffic-congested stoplight. I suppose it helps a lot that your car is white, but still...


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Oct 12, 2000
Amarillo, TX
1981 UL5

Check this out.. it is the underside of one of L81 owners 1981 Hood.. I saw this last year at the Rendezvous.. Tom should be at SharkFest this year too.


His daughter painted it for him.. "Very Nice"

Corvette Craig

Under Hood Painting

69myway: Thanks for the info, I plan on following basically the same format as you suggested.
Hopefully everything works out.
Question: What do you think about "hanging" the hood by it's hood supports on the top. I want to hang it somehow by the rafters in the garage so I can get to it easily. Do you think the supports are strong enough to hold the hood suppended in air for about a week.

Stingray72: I don't anticipate any problem with heat (my car doesn't run all that hot) if I use good quality heat tolerant paint.
If you think about it, the underside is already painted, not to mention a number of engine parts also.

Rare 81: Yes, I've seen it. VERY COOL.
(P.S. - This is exactly what gave me my inspiration)
I want to take it another level. I've seen very few Vette's with underside painting, and now that I'm starting to regularly show the car, I like to have that "extra effort", if you know what I mean.
My engine has already been "CHROMED" and looks good, but I want that "WOW" smile as people look on.

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