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Parts Diagrams wanted

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Jan 30, 2001
Hermosa Beach, CA
1987 Z51 Silver Coupe
Does anyone know of a site that has the diagrams that they use for the parts books?
I think the books sometimes become available, but I don't think I'll have much need for the entire book! I just want it for my Corvette. I thought of this the other day when I was disassembing my interior (assembly manuals are still unavailable for the C4s) and came across a short, maybe 4-5 inch, piece of wire cable coming off of the rear hatch latch. I assume this is for a way to release the hatch if the switch failed or you were without power, but I've never seen this mentioned before - anywhere! The parts book should at least show that the cable is there.
Are there any links to factory parts department places?
hmmmmmm good question

You pose a good question :confused: . My guess is that somewhere on the internet there is a place you can find it. I bet it isn't for free ;). Just an observation or a thought, I would think the emergency release would be covered in the Owners Manual.
Good Luck, I'll look around too :J


2 of the best items I have bought have been the Assembly manual for about 20 bucks and a Shop manual for 10 bucks on ebay. Both have great parts drawings and the repair info from the shop manual beats any Chilton manual by a mile. These 2 books have more than paid for themselves so far, you should be able to find both on ebay for a fair price...you won't regret owning these.
Scott81 said:
...the Assembly manual...

They don't make one for the C4s yet; they stop at '82. Is there a difference between the "shop manual" and the "service manual"; I have the GM service manual and supplement.
I have a CD that i purchase on E-Bay, that list all the parts and there diagrams for 84-96 it's called parts microfiche but on a CD and runs with explore and adobe acrobat..
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