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performance combo for 1980 L82



I have a 1980 L82, I've installed Hooker Super Comp. Headers, 1 3/4", with stainless dual exhaust, no cats, flowmaster 2 chamber mufflers. I changed the ring and pinion to 4.09, I also installed an edelbrock high flow water pump. The engine has 73,000 original miles on it, with no other modifacations. I want this car to be streetable, but be capable of performing 12 second 1/4 mile times. My next modifacation is going to be a 700R4 Tranny swap. I'm interested in using a "matched" edelbrock performance package?????, any help would be greatly appreciated, some of my questions..........does the performer air gap fit under the stock hood of my vette, should I use a dual plane or a single plane intake, should I use the cam that edelbrock offers with their packages or should I use a comp cam with Edelbrock's heads, intake and carb.? I am looking for a cam with a "rumpity-rump" AGGRESIVE, sounding idle.

Welcome to CACC. Unless you are a regular engine tuner with access to a dyno, etc, putting different engine combos together on your own can become quite complicated to determine what you even did. In other words, you may not have as matched of a system as you think, and could make less power than you have now.

I am a true believer in matched parts. The Edelbrock package is the result of thousands of hours and dollars in making matched components for street use. You need to use the suggested matched intake if you expect to get the same results. No, it won't fit under the hood all that well. You can play with drop down plates on the air cleaner etc.

I know you probably want that stealth look, but by selecting an intake only for hood clearance, you may be leaving 40 hsp on the table. There are plenty of neat hoods that after you get them painted are a bolt on 20 minute job and you are off and running with a cool engine and cool looking hood that says "I mean business"

Good luck. Post some numbers when you take it to the track. I imagine those 4:09 gears must make that thing scream in the 60 foot zone.
69MyWay said:
I am a true believer in matched parts.

:L So Chris, not to detract from this thread, but you're not helping to disuade me from purchasing that Lingenfelter 383 for mine. I was thinking along those same lines about using a complete package from Lingenfelter; the engine, intake (the Super Ram isn't it?), headers, etc..

That was also my reasoning in thinking about going with Sallee Chevrolet and the "ZZ430" or "ZZ450", although they are a less well know name.

Sorry to get away from the subject here, but your comment just caught my attention. ;)

_ken :w

All those engine combos are crazy powerful. That is the ultimate in "matched" performance.

I bought the Edelbrock Performer RPM kit for my 81. The quality of the parts is excellent and everything fitted and ran straight out the boxes with of any problems. The only minor problem was that I had to get a calibration kit for the carb and doe a bit of work to smooth out the "off idle". The RPM cam is maybe a bit much for day to day driving and would need a high stall converter in an auto. I also used the Airgap intake and the hood would not close. I added a few other bits but this engine pulls some serious rpm. The first serious try out at the strip wrecked the clutch but having sorted that out now the car goes well.

The other set-up I looked at was from Holley, their systemax kits looked good and were a lot cheaper than the Edelbrock kits but I was unable to find someone in the UK that supplied the full list of Holley parts.

I have built up a couple of other engines with a mix and match of parts and ended up a bit dissappointed. Maybe you should also consider a crate engine, they are very cost effective.

There are some really good deals on the crate motors out there and you really cant get much more "matched" than that. Plus you could put the factory motor in the corner of the garage AND what better time to put that 700r4... which you will desperately need with that 4.09 gear....in your car. AND you get a warranty of all things....

God i love spending other peoples money!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously the matched packages are a good way to go if you havnt been around the track enough to know what works.
Even with the 4.09 gears, you're going to have a tough time getting that car in the 12s unless you either accept modifications that will require a different hood or use nitrous oxide.

The Edelbrock Performer RPM Air Gap will not fit under the stock hood but you need that intake manifold along with the headers you already have, some good cylinder head work and a roller hydraulic camshaft. All to the tune of 375-400 hp.

Then you'll need a tire combo that will get that power to the ground.
Thanks for the help and advice, With your input and a little more researching on my end, I think I am going to stick with my next modifacation of a 700R4 trans. swap with a 3000 stall speed, I'm going to use an Edelbrock Victor Series single plane manifold, 750cfm Edelbrock carb, Edelbrock 64cc heads, and the Comp-Cams 288R roller cam. I realize this is'nt going to power me into the twelves, but with this combo and a stroked motor, hopefully it will be the answer to my 12 second quest. I would appreciate any constructive criticism on this combination, I am really trying to make this come together on the first try!,but then again.........don't we all???????? I'm stuck on the stock hood........I want the car to appear completely stock and original.........with the ignition key set in the off position :)

It is all about trade offs between this and that. So, if you are stuck on the stock hood then you are stuck with a little less horse power. Just like wheels and tires. If you like the look of the stock wheels and size, you will have traction troubles,.........see what I mean?

I am a freak for air conditioning. There are plenty of ways to put the motor together to save weight, less moving parts, etc. that included yanking the air. Not me baby, I would rather be cool then look cool.

If you ever figure out how to tune all that stuff together you will have a strong running machine.

Good luck, keep us updated.

Performance Parts

I have been substituting "performance" parts for stock over the past 4 months in incremental phases. The first replacement was the intake manifold, an aluminum Edelbrock Performer. Fit easily under the hood of my 78 and provided noticeable improvement.
Next, I rebuilt the Quadrajet carbs and replaced needles and rods with richer units. More improvement, less hesitation. Hedman "Tight Tube" headers were added next - nice fit, easy installation with minor cutting and welding, stock ground clearance and improved performance and sound. A flex fan was added to improve air flow through the new 4-row radiator. The flex fan works well, especially at slow speeds or stop and go driving plus it makes a turbine type sound when you accelerate hard.

The latest set of modifications include a 64cc aluminum Edelbrock Performer heads, Edelbrock 2102 Performer cam, hardened and 1/10" longer push rods, Edelbrock Victor series hi-flow water pump, an adjustable flow heavy-duty Z1 fuel pump and a TRW high volume oil pump with hardened steel impeller shaft, true dual exhaust pipes thru 2 1/2" pipe and dual free flowing cats and mufflers. I am still assembling everything so I have no results to report at this stage.

Do all these mods make any sense? Of course not, but owning a Corvette doesn't make any sense to begin with. Would it make more sense to buy a new 330hp crate engine? Yes, but then I wouldn't have the fun of wrenching on the old engine. Would I recommend these mods to anyone else? Yes and no. If your engine runs fine and you don't like to wrench or if your budget is tight, forget it and buy the wife and kids nice Xmas presents. Or you can always add a performance part one at a time.

Just remember that whatever you do to the top end, you should do to the bottom end. Tired pistons and rings, wrist pins and bearings will not enjoy the increased pounding they will get from a reworked top end. Any imbalance that exists in the bottom end will be magnified by the increased HP. If you are going to replace more than the intake manifold and headers, you should consider the age of the engine and whether you should replace the bearings, balance the piston and rods and do whatever else it takes to keep things together.

Roy in Portland, Oregon

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