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Performer RPM package in action !!!


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Oct 24, 2000
81 4 speed
There has been some criticism about the Edelbrock kits being able to do the business. Have a look at this m-peg and make your own mind up. :D


My 81 at the track

Very cool video. Beings as you are in Great Britain, what is the length of the track which you were running . . . and what is your average time and E.T.?
Way cool!

You are not kidding about the difference these other parts make to the engine. For example, I am just finishing a motor swap on the 1990 six speed corvette. Other than headers, the exhaust is basically the same.

Standing behind the car with the replacement engine that has the Edeblrock heads is a whole different sound than the original with the stock heads. It hits hard and strong.

These are some nice pieces that work well with virtually any engine combo.

I too would like to know how fast that run was and if you have hit the 12 mark yet.
That was the first meeting with the new engine in and it ran a best of 13.8@104 but the clutch was on it`s way out so I was getting 60` times of nearly 3 seconds. Previously when the clutch was good and with the old engine it had a best 60` of 1.8. I`m not to good at the maths by I would like to think that with the Quartermaster clutch and 60` times restored to around the 2 second mark it should run low 13`s no problem.

All the tracks in the UK are 1/4 mile and one track has 1/4 mile in one lane and a measured mile in the other lane. The track I race at is not up to Top Fuel or Funny Car standards but I have seen them race over the eighth in demo runs. There is a European dragracing championship with rounds in the UK, Germany and Sweden. Although the current Top Fuel champion is a Brit surprisingly the dominant teams all come from Scandinavia.

I have been having a look at a small nitrous system with a 50 or 75hp shot and maybe this will be enough to push into the 12`s the only minor problem is where to put the bottle in a C3 as the tech guys at our track don`t like them inside the passenger compartment.


Very cool,

how about an "In Car Camera" perspective?
just a thought.

I thought about that but it`s only a small hand held Sony stills camera that takes short m-pegs. I have taken some short "on the road" m-pegs but it`s a bit tricky as you have to hold the button if you want more than 15 seconds. Try this one, the 15 seconds ran out before we could pass the Pantera but the driver was a bit surprised as we shot past.

Pantera on the A19


Your posting get better and better each time. GREAT .mpegs. Good watching during the boring half time show on the Super Bowl. Can't wait to see what you post next.

Cheers........... Nut

Spring is just around the corners so watch out for some more "On the Road" m-pegs shortly. With all the cars over here being right hand drive the Pantera guy didn`t realise that I was actually driving the Vette while I was taking the video till I was almost past him and he could see in the car. I wish I could have got a picture of the look on his face.

I am in secret talks with my parts guy so if all goes well and MRS JHL doesn`t confiscate my credit cards I should be going a little quicker in the summer. :L :L

Was that a Cortina estate that beat ya there John ?:L only jokin'. Good clip. VettePaul.
Hi Paul,

Hard to to take, but I have to admit your right, as you can just about see there wasn`t much in it but that car ran in the low 13`s all day long, It looked like it was worth about a hundred quid but the guy turned up all over the place in it during the summer.

:L :L

Nearer the summer I`ll mail you and let you know what shows I`m going to and maybe we can eventually catch up with one another.

Nice Pantera!

Boy, I'm glad I've got a cable modem.

You may be driving from the left side of the car, (which is the CORRECT side), But, your still driving on the wrong side of the road.

I'm not to familar with MPEG video's, but the quality is still pretty good. Too bad they can't be longer.

Good day to ya!
Can't see Them

I don't know why, but I can't view either one of them. I view all sorts of other mpegs, I have shockwave and all that stuff but it won't open yours John. I hate when that happens!!!:hb
Windows Media Player

I played mine on Windows Media Player. I'm pretty sure that this is a free download. It plays pretty much everything audio/video.

Got Them

I have both of those and more, but I still can't open the file.:mad
Nearer the summer I`ll mail you and let you know what shows I`m going to and maybe we can eventually catch up with one another.

J. [/B][/QUOTE]
Nice one John. I certainly won't miss yours when I see it. By the way, don't suppose you saw my spread in last month's Street Machine did ya ? All the Best, Paul:s

I havn`t bought Street Machine for years, I think the last time I actually bought a copy it was full of jacked up Cortina Estates. :L :L I`ll have a look in the newsagents today and see if I can find a copy.

It's changed a bit now. As from November it has another mag inside it. I don't know if you remember it from a few years ago, "American Car World". If it takes off again apparently it will break off on it's own once more. The one I'm in has a pic of a Big Black Bad Blown Willys on the front cover. Happy hunting;) :beer Paul.

I will go down to WH Smiths and have a look, maybe they will be able to order back issues, Does the magazine have a web site ??

As I sit here in my office I was thinking it makes a refreshing change speaking to someone that drives on the "RIGHT"(LEFT) side of the road, during the hours of daylight and on the same time zone instead of sitting in the middle of the night, talking to people on the other side of the Atlantic that drive on the "WRONG" side of the road. :upthumbs :L :L

I've been across the Big Pond for the last couple of years now and I must admit that after driving on the Wrong side of the road for a couple of weeks I have to think twice on certain manoeuvers when I get back here to the Right side of the road in case I make a big mistake:eek: :confused .There is a site that brings up the mag but I think it only shows the cover. Cheers, Paul.

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