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PKE battery


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Feb 7, 2006
Houston, PA
1994 black 6 speed, cat back flowmasters
I wonder if anyone else has to replace the remote battery every 6 months? I have had the car just over 1 year, and I am on the third battery. I put one in when I first got the car, another aprox 6 months later, and again today. Up to today I would go through the ritual of reprogaming the PKE, over and over, only to realilze the battery is not totally dead, but not enough to power the remote.


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Feb 1, 2003
1995 White Coupe LT-1 Auto
The PKE sends a signal as a ball rotates around inside the PKE. If you carry the fob in your pocket all day, the battery is being used. Even if you're no where near the car. Try leaving the fob in a 'still' location.
Also, the conductive ring that the ball 'floats' around in tends to get dirty. The ball is very small and easy to loose so be careful if you try to take the PKE apart to clean the ring.
My PKE never works more than 5 feet from the car with a new battery even tho it's supposed to be good a lot farther than that. 5 feet is more than the length of my arm so I don't worry about it.
Hope this helps.
PS If my cell phone is in the car (especially on charge) the PKE is TOTALLY nonfunctional.

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