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Poll: Corvette Fuel Economy

I rarely take my car on long drives, so I don't know my total driving range before a refuel. I do know that in casual city driving I average about 9-10 mpg. I'm loving the reduced cost in gas these days. My engine is an otherwise stock 350 with vortec heads, headers, 4-speed manual tranny and 3.55 gears in the rear.


Pretty good for a Vette


I've gotten as low as 11-12mpg in town "horsing around" and recently got 24.3mpg on a road trip from MD to upstate NY. An '81 has a 24 gal tank so even though I never let it get too close to fumes I ran a little over 500 miles on that tank. Mostly she gets around 19-20mpg 380-400 miles per tank. Not bad for a 350/230hp with 2.87 rear.

.......... Nut
Highway milage, interstate at 70-75 mph:

73 LS4 454 4-sd 3.08 gear = 13 mpg
73 L82 350 Auto 3.55 gear = 12.9 mpg
90 L98 350 Auto 3.07 gear = 27 mpg

Day-to-day Houston driving to & from work, which means anywhere from stop&go to open road driving at 70-80 mph: 22 mpg (1998 automatic C5 stock)
I don't do much city driving or highway driving. Mine is mostly country rds and light urban areas. I get approx. 14 mpg.
Gas Millage

81 Stock Coupe w/ 350 auto
approx. 18 mpg

Passes everything but a Gas Station :upthumbs
fuel economy

'81 4spd. 350/330hp L31 Vortec heads
795 cfm Edelbrock Q-Jet w/ Performer Intake
2.87 rear end. "soon to change"
I get around 15mpg average, even with the A/C on. :cool
420 hp and I'm getting 18 per gallon (hiway driving), no kidding. a/f monitors are great as are GV OD units.
Never checked it but it ain't purty!

- Eric

'95 bone stock automatic coupe. City driving only, 12 mi. per day.

Constantly reads 16.8 mpg on the dash.

I average 28 on a long distance interstate trip.
cool weather, no a/c on and no windows open.

completely stock automatic with standard axle

Have to fill up every 450 miles or so.

if you realy want to experience fuel mileage, my 2000 VW diesel gets 52mpg in the same scenario. i go 775 - 800 miles per tankful
I think I get pretty good mileage

I rarely let the tank get below half and I don't take long drives like I used to.

But....I think I get about 450 out of a tank.

1978 stock 350
88 & 73

18 to 22 mpg ( depending whats on the CD:_rock)

16-18 Overall avg.
Gas Mileage

'73 modified 454 with automatic transmission. City or Highway driving, consistantly 10 MPG.
I'll try to keep this short ;)

Last June, Rare and a few others headed to Bowling Green, Kentucky for the NCM "Rendezvous". The overall trip was right at 5,000 miles.

My gas milage varied from 17 to 22 mpg. Once we got out of "Kalifornia" into some REAL gasoline Rare perked up and ran like she had just caught her second breath. Performance improved and so did the gas milage. Looking over my diary of the trip.. my best gas mileage came crossing Oklahoma.. I don't have cruise (4-speed) so I tried to keep my running mates in site :D so we ran somewhere between 70 and 85 most the time.. If BLACKDOG or Hava89 or my old bro Ken say different.. just consider the source... ;)

My best mpg was 22.8 on a tank (Oklahoma), my worst was 16.7 on a tank (Kalifornia ... the last leg on the way home between Lake Topaz and Modesto).

My engine is Bone Stock, new exhaust 2 1/2" and Rare now has 72,000 + document original miles.. and she is patiently waiting for our next cross country run in August/September :D
I find I get best mileage heading east just east of the continental divide. Going down hill and prevailing westerly wind behind me.

heading from Pacific to continental divide is not as good, needless to say heading west to divide is not good.

Anywhere in ND,SD,Nb,Ks,Ok heading east is best. (winds and relatively flat terrain.)

I set the cruise on 68mph. average 28mpg

Obviously this is not possible on earlier Vettes because of technology.

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