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Post a pic of your Wheels! (and point me in the right direction)


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Mar 3, 2003
MS Gulf Coast
2000 Coupe 6 speed
Fall project is to sweeten up the 1996 Aqua Coupe.

Already putting the wheels in motion to pull most of the front end, clean, replace whats worn, and put it back together all shiny and new looking.

Now getting a budget together for new tires and rims. (leaning towards zo6 style)
What are my options on a 96 coupe? Larger fronts, equal 17s all around, 18s in the back, etc?
Catch me up on what you've tried and liked/disliked.
Post pics of your stock or upgraded wheels -

Rain(currently on curb-rashed sawblades)
Some points to consider:

1. the wider front wheel/tire combo will create a little more 'wander' on the road - the wider tires tend to follow the variations in the road more. They also improve handling some.

2. the wider front wheel/tire combo will create a little more trailing throttle over steer - lift the throttle in a turn while at high 'g' and it will turn in more. They also improve handling some.

I like my 275/315 combo that is used on the Grand Sport.

Here's a pix:

These are the "ZR1" wheels, 9.5 front, 11 rear. Gives it a real 'mean' look. Can't rotate the tires but that doesn't bother me too much.
And I could actually rotate my tires if they all 4 matched, right?
I have the 275/40/17's all the way around on my LT4 along w/ the chrome ZR1 wheels and I love the combo...and yes I can rotate all four. They look plenty wide from the rear IMO and the wheels made the car!
Hey Jeff N Lisa -
Got a pic? Sounds like the route to go.. going to entertain the 18" version idea unless I need to scale the budget back and stick with 17s.

Ever get the "Claw"?
Hey Rain...

I have some great pics...I just need to learn to post 'em. I'll have the LSA in JEFNLSA show me how.
Have a B-day coming up on 10/29 and I'm hoping to get my claws on a "Claw" then.....
Good luck on the tires and wheels:beer
Thanks Jeff -
or feel free to email em to me

Rain @ rain on the internet dot com

(all one word, . for the "dot")

Probably going the Claw route with mine too.. this Fall.
Going all out. Cleaning up the engine bay, replacing what looks worn, doing a bit of paint detail, the claw, and a new exhaust to go with tires and wheels..

Susan would not let me buy a C6, so Im fixing the 96 Aqua up! :D
My 95 coupe came with 8.5in on the front and 9.5in on the rear. I put 9.5in all the way around with the Chrome ZO-6 wheels, now I can rotate my tires.

The exhaust was the best investment I could have made. Every time I start the car I get a smile on my face. I went w/ the Magnaflow SS system and it looks and sounds great. Paid 425.00 total. 325.00 shipped from Perf. Peddler and 100.00 at a local muffler shop for the install.The difference is like night and day. Now it sounds like a Vette! Also those mirror finish mufflers w/ the dual 3" tips really spice up the rear and they just accentuate the wheels that much more.
I don't know if you already have an aftermarket exhaust on yours but if you don't...get one! Even Lisa likes it...and she's a hard sell. The only thing that I didn't like was you could tell from the rear where the old pipe was welded to the new. Solved that prob this morning......I bought a can of High Temp Flat Black (1200 degree) and had a guy grind down the welds, sand it, mask it off and paint the pipes and I just got it back and it looks perfect:D ! I was hoping that it wouldn't look funky and it doesn't. Since you can totally see the pipes from the rear, the weld stood out like a sore thumb but I'm tellin' ya this paint job was the ticket. I'll try and send some pics of this as well cuz I haven't heard of anyone doing this yet if other C4 owners saw the results they would be amazed! Oh yeah...He only charged me 20.00!! Put it up on his lift and whipped it out.
Keep me posted on the restoration project and ......spend wisely!!!!
The requested URL /corvette/clean95.jpg was not found on this server.

I have the 5 spoke ZR-1 rims in polished aluminum, all four are 17x9.5, front tires are 275's rear tires are 285's. I like the combination and the fact that I can't rotate them doesn't really bother me. I'll send you a couple of pics if you want them. I didn't have much luck when I tried to post a pic.

I have a set of chrome Z06 17" on my 90 vert. They look sweet. I get more looks at shows at those wheels than anything. I went with the 17" all around so that I can rotate and for the cost of tire replacement. Also, 18" change the tire profile and ride comfort. I bought mine off ebay for $1200 which included tires mounted on them.
If you would like to see them email me your address, I cannot link a pic to this reply.
I have chrome Z06 wheels on mine, I think I would go the polished route because after 2 years the chrome started peeling on 2 of them but I do like the look.
something I have noticed:

Darker colored C4s look nice with the chrome wheels
Lighter colored C4s go well with the polished.

("Bling Factor" aside)
Got these from OE Conceprt in Fl off ebay. $450 shipped, new lugs, stems and locks !!

Here is a shot for you. These are the polished ZR1 9.5" all around and work great at the auto-X.
And one all cleaned up. I agree, dark Vettes look good with polished or chrome wheels and lighter Vettes look okay with darker or painted wheels. But in general, polished goes with everything.
anyone else having issues with the chrome?
Is there more maintenance to them?
If they get a little dirty do they really look bad?(as opposed to the polished that seem to handle dirt for a while before looking dull)

etc etc etc
Chrome vs polished. If you keep your chrome clean/waxed and don't let salt or road grime set on them for a long time, they will do okay. Good chrome plating is usually done in 3 layers. However, once a little speck of rust gets them, it's a loosing battle. Polished will dull if you let them go, but you can always bring them back with a little Mother's Wheel polish and some elbow grease. Curb rash is a killer to chrome. Polished can be repaired.
Had wondered that re: Chrome and living on the beach.
(my lugs are already showing corrosion)

Thanks for the info

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