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Power antenna


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Nov 22, 2008
Mystic CT
91 Dark Green Coupe
I just bought my first Vette 91 coupe grren w/blk leather 66k miles generally clean but has some issues and no doubt will offer them all as I pick away at them.. The first simple one the car has no antenna at all just a black grommet where it should be.. Do all 91's have power antenna or is it an option. Looked at the rpo codes and I do not have the code for it. I have the window sticker and it is not listed as standard equiptment or an option either. I was assuming it was standard and now see it is possibly not the case. If it is not standard is the wiring in place to add one as I hate the look of a fixed one with the car parked. It also has to live outdoors now and then and it would complicate putting the cover on as well. Please do advise and all help appeciated.. I have only had the car for 4 days so bear with me. I assumed it standard as I have some things I can easily see but not the rpo code and yes it was not from this site that had codes for options I can see and I don't have codes for them.
Any help here hate to tear it up and then look for parts almost as bad as buying parts I can not use..
To get to the antenna motor easier, remove the rear tail lamp lens and the rear license plate. That should give your hands enough room to get to the power antenna motor.

Jacking the car up slightly then removing the rear driver's side tire will give you more room, too, if you have short arms.

You can buy a replacement antenna mast from your Chevy dealer. They run around $35.00.

Sometimes you can just thread the new mast down the hole using the supplied special wrench and instructions and you're good-to-go.

Sometimes a broken section of antenna ribbon gets lodged inside the antenna motor and you have to remove the entire motor, open it up, remove the broken section of ribbon, close it back up, re-install it, then thread the new mast down the hole.

You'll need someone to turn the radio on while you guide the new ribbon down the hole.

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