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Power Brake Conversion for 71



I just purchased my first Corvette. It is a 1971 convertabile with a 454. After driving it, I realized that a power brakes conversion would be my first major project. I need any help that you can give me. Is there a kit that is better than another? What are the problems that I am likely to encounter? How much of a decrease in stopping distance can I expect? Is there a web-site that gives step by step instructions?
Your help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
There are a few kits out there, however you may e better off getting the parts from a used car that had power brakes(except master cylinder and booster) You will also need a new set of lines that come from the Master Cylinder and porportioning valve as they are longer. I have some of the parts from a 76 that I junked. I don't know how much faster a power brake system will stop over a non power, but I know it's a whole lot easier and feels better too........Let me know if I can help........Steve
Welcome Minnichs...

I dont' have any advice ....just wanted to welcome you and let you know about the Corvette Cruise going on this Sat. the 11th in Limerick, PA. You should come, it'll be great! I was just in Lititz a few weeks ago and I spend alot of time in Manheim at the car auctions. Hope to see you there. :w :w

Welcome to CACC!

Welcome from another '71 454 owner without power brakes! :L

I've got to tell you, we just replaced the rear calipers and rotors (and I have new front calipers waiting to go on), and it made a world of difference. I went with Raybestos - they're well-known around here and are big into the race scene so they have great products. I don't feel like I'm missing much by not having the power assistance now. :eyerole

Again, welcome - there are lots of friendly, helpful folks here. :)

Thanks to everyone for your advice and welcoming me to your community. It is always nice to meet people with the same interests.
Have a great weekend!

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