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Plan to order (yea, something else!) a new EGR intake for the work I plan to do over the holidays. I got a price from a Street Rod parts dealer of $149 for a polished Power Plus Intake (supposedly identical to the Edelbrock Performer). Anyone have any experience with these? I sure would like the polished intake for the same price of the Edelbrock non-polished. Thoughts
I don't have any experience with the Power Plus intake, but I just wanted to say that the price is right on. Zig's, located in Oregon, lists the polished intake for $150, also.
installed the Power Plus on my '68 with 350 and it does match the Edelbrock except it is polished outside (and inside:eek )

I put a Edelbrock 1407 on it and matched perfect.
If its polished inside flow rates should be higher than the Edelbrock. I should have it in a week or so. Thanks for the input.

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