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Power Steering - bolt on backwards?


Apr 1, 2002
Yorkville, IL, USA
1996 Polo Green Coupe, LT1, Auto
Please take a look at this picture!

I was investigating a fluid leak on my 96 LT1 (auto) and found this bolt rubbing against a hose going from the power steering reservoir to the cooler. This picture is taken from the passenger side wheel well looking towards the center of the engine compartment. I believe the bolt is for the steering rack. Did the factory mount this bolt backwards (upside down)? I'm the second owner of this Vette, however I don't think any work was done on the steering rack previously. I'm not sure that the bolt has punctured the hose yet. I still have plenty of fluid in the reservoir. I guess I'll have to remove the hose, reverse the bolt, then put a new hose in. Does any one have any tips for draining and refilling the power steering fluid?


Just checked my '95. The setup is identical and the bolt is mounted as shown in your pic. Thing is, my cooler line is about 1/4" away from the bolt. The hose is straight, not stressed into a curve as yours is. It looks a little bit like my entire cooler is mounted about 1/4-1/2" further away from that bolt. I think I'm going to slip on a small length of anti-abrasion hose just to be safe. Thanks for the observation. You might check to see if that cooler is mounted in there correctly.


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