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Power steering control cylinder



I searched the threads to no avail.

I'm rebuilding my power steering control cylinder. I removed the snap ring. What is supposed to happen now? The rod does not want to come out, and I am not sure how I get the brass washer, seals, and the other parts out of the unit.

What am I supposed to do?


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Feb 20, 2002
Eksjo, Sweden
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Well, this can be a mess, I did it myself a month ago.
First of all, the rod it self cannot be extracted. If the rod is damaged, I guess you need to find a new unit.
The seals and washers are supposed to fallout as you remove the snap ring. Ofcourse they will not.
I used a screwdriver, a hammer, and some violence to remove the old parts. (By punching a hole in the washer, and peel it out) Another idea might be to use a drill to cut the washer. I any way, be carefull not to damage the cylinder and the rod.

The old seal in your cylinder is made of leather, but the new seal can be either a plastic or a leather one. Just be sure to turn them the right way.



Thanx for the advice. I wish that I read your advice before I solved the problem. (It would have made things faster for me.) I drilled a small hole in the brass washer, then used a wood screw to assist in removing it. (It was not difficult) Everything else was much easier to remove.

It's all back together, and no leaks. However my power steering pump decided that it wasn't get much attention, so it crapped out on me. A replacement is due on Tuesday. (I can hardly wait!!)

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