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Price of a factory removable top??


Bill C

Where can you find a factory stock removable top in excellent shape and how much would it cost?? Does GM or an aftermarket manufacture still make them?
All I see are glass re-makes or repaired tops. Looks like the origional ones are scarce!

Any body seen any for sale or bone yards that have any!! How much were they?

Bill C
What Year?

The older, the harder to find and the more expensive. Excellant condition means restored, a place called The Glass Works in Pa. sells tops and parts or they will restore yours. They wanted $3995.00 for one for my 62. I found the one you see in my photo at Carlisle last year for $1600.00 and it's in extremely nice shape, no dents in the stainless inside or out, perfect weather stripping and excellant glass.
removable tops

Im looking for one that will fit an (early) 86. There is a difference between early and late? Its not for me. A friend has an 86 with a cracked top that is in B A D shape. He found out that the eject after you reach about 40 mph. :( He has an aftermarket glass top on now and it looks bad too. Its back to stock for him!
The last time I heard of anyone finding one they got it on e-bay for a little over 2K. They then removed the ragtop and either used the hardtop or went totally topless.

The best thing about the GM top is that it increses the sructural rigidity to a point higher than the coupe. The rollover strength is also higher than the coupe, so when the ragtop is removed and the hardtop is on, the car is better than the coupe in both respects and only about 20+ lb heavier.

I've been doing research since this would be a great thing to have for the value of my car in the longrun.
glass top

Hey Bill,

I ordered a new glass top for my '93 directly from GM a few months ago for around $1100. They come in bronze and blue tints.

Good luck,

John :grin :D

They range from $950 for TOTAL beaters to 2K

I am assuming the HARD TOP for a convertible right?

You really gotta scratch to dig one up, let alone at a reasonable price.


Just to blow your minds.....

My dad found my hard top in San Diego (where he lives). The corvette shop he found it at sold it for $800, including the mounting brackets (about $100 value so I am told) The 10 bolts had to be purchased from Chevy for about $5 each. Contrary to what you might think, this top was in perfect condition. It looks like it had on been on a vette long enough to ship it to the dealer. The only thing left to do was paint it, and wire up the negative side of the defroster.

The place actually had four or five hard tops, so my dad picked out the best one and stored it until I drove out to pick it up.

Not only does it help the structural integrity, but it also quiets the ride. I would tell anyone interested in doing this to order the protection stips to go between the body and the top. I know they make them for soft tops and hard tops. I ran mine w/o them for a while and now I have a little line from where the top weather strip rubbed on the body.

A couple question though: Is there a roll bar built into it? At 64 lbs. it seems like something is in there. I am also curious if drag stips will allow you to use them in stead of a roll bar. (Since convertibles need them about a second before coupes) Didn't GM get the tops from ASC?


ps. A vette shop around here had one about two months ago. If you interested I will see if they still have it.
Wellll,,,, guys,, thanks for the replys but I think I miss-led or confused you in my request. I was looking for the removable targa type top for a coupe. I wish I had a convertable but all I have is a plain 85. So if any of you can let me know how much a "targa" top is and where we can look, that would be great. If we can't find an origional non-glass top I guess he will have to get his glass top repaired.


Bill C


No big deal! This is the coolest CORVETTE web site going! Everybody ifs friendly and COOL. Thanks Guys!!!!

P.S How do you guys get the cool little symbols to come up.? I know a few like :0, ;0 :0 , But the rest are a mystery. Is there a legend that you can drag up some where?
Look to your left when composing. There is a link for clickable smiles. Just pick the closest expression.

Thanks a ton :_rock :drink :beer , too bad they just don't show up so you can sellect them. I had to print them out.

Bill C

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