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Anyone out there using them? Went to a machine shop who builds race cars for the last 40 years to possibly buy an engine. After weighing my situation out, I decided for now, do a piece at a time. The heads they just switched to using is from a company called Pro Action. Magazines say they flow 5% better than the rest of the heads in their class. They come so well from the manufacturer that there is very little for you to open open, and the exhaust ports probably don't need to be touched. It impressed them, so they went with that brand for all their new engines. I just orderd a set from them, and am having them open them up too. Supposedly, on a normal engine, these heads are good for 30+ additional HP vs normal heads. Opening these heads up will get at least another 30+hp. I went with these because, hell, if it will give 30+ hp on a normal engine, wonder what it would give a 1976 L-48 with smogger heads? I heard from many of you, going to a normal set of heads off anyother year would give at least 30hp, and 1 full point of compression due to the terrible ccs of the 76's heads. Got my fingers crossed. If a normal set will give me 30hp, would be a nice surprise with close to 90 addittional hp, and a full point of compression. Came stock with 8.5:1. Boost to 9.5:1 with 90 more hp would be REALLY nice =)

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