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Problem with check engine code 5, year 1981


Jan 13, 2002
kirkland, wa
1981 Black
Problem with check engine code 15, year 1981

The Check engine light came on on my 1981, It reads as code number 15.

I changed the temperature sensar, it didn't work so I also changes the coolant sensor ( sits between cylendar 1-3) still didn't work.

Did anyone run into this problem, what should I look for next?
Where is the onboar computer located in the 1981?

Any help is appreciated.

Code 5?

There is no code 5

There's a code 15

When you jump the pins
it should flash 12 3 times
1 LONG Flash and 2 short flashes

Then it will broadcast any additional error codes stored in memory.

Recheck this

What color

Was the wire..and describe the style of connector you found.

The temperature sensor wire colors are black and yellow( same as the wire colors of the previous sensor), the connection type looks like oval shape with a rubber seal and a latch to keep the connection from poping off of the sensor.

I bough the temperature sensor from NAPA autoparts, not sure if this could be causing my problem or not, maybe I should have got it from the dealer.

So Far so good.

The connector should be oval as described and the connector should have 1 pin running down the middle.

The NAPA sender should be OK

When the sender is COLD 100K ohms
When Hot about 1K

And Yellow & Black are correct

Chase the wiring down and make sure it's not laying on the exhaust mainfold ( or otherwise dammaged)

Did you clear the codes after you replaced the sender?

Remove the ECM fuse for a min or two.

The sender lives on pins 3 & 7 of the ECM connector.

Disconnect the Battery before removing the ECM connector to test. (If you going to ohm it out)

The ECM lives behind the seats in the cargo hatches.

Nice job "Vig"

The ECM is in the battery compartment, mounted on the front wall of the compartment.

Good Luck, sounds like Vig has you on the right trail.

Rocketkid (Sam) Welcome to the Corvette Action Center Community Enjoy the ride.
Trying to help

That's all


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