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Proper Bleeding of rear calipers ........ooooop's


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Feb 20, 2012
Cason Old Field NC.
1982 C3
I bled my brakes today, and with a still marginal pedal, was disappointed with the results. Upon doing a couple searches, I found that I had only done it half right. Now in this tutorial I question the beginning and ending in that I had always thought that you go to the furthest caliper (or drum for other type systems) and worked from furthest to closest. However in the tutorial it says left to right in the rear, and the same on the front.

My oooooop's moment was when I failed to notice that there are TWO bleeders on each REAR calipers, and only ONE or both fronts. I will go back and re-do the rears once again and see where I'm at with pedal feel. As it is, it's a poor pedal feeling but enough to stop the car, though an emergency situation might prove otherwise. Mind you I'm going to have to do this whole process one more time as I replace all the brake hoses in the next week or so as parts arrive, so really I should wait, but necessity dictates that I drive the car in the meantime to and from town. Though I live in a rural setting and traffic is non-existent. Otherwise I'd not chance it if It were in real traffic. **** The smart ones will not take this chance *** but I'm an OLD motor-head and risk is hardwired into .....well let's just say............... oh never mind :)


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