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Question about chrome rims

Rat Race

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Nov 18, 2005
North Jersey
Am thinking about switching my polished aluminum rims to chrome rims.

Went on a site and they mentioned an exchange.

Just wondering if anyone has done this, and if they did it with a local or long distance company.

The questions that come up are:

Do you ship the whole tire and rim, and they mount it and send it back?

If so I assume the cars on blocks till turn around time completed? (yes im as dumb as I look)

Or do I have tires removed and send just rims? Any harm in pulling off Z 51 tire that you want to put back on? Any tricks with tire pressure sensor I would have to be aware of?

Do they make a Z06 rim to fit the Z 51 tire on an 05 C6?

Kicking this around because iIsaw a non Z51 C6 with chrome rims and really thought it looked much better than the polished rims. One of my rims isnt as bright as the others, must have been a milk day at the polishing plant.

Thought they might look extra cool on Z 51 tires...

Comments please...
I didn't do this exchange, I bought chrome rims outright.

However, I understand they send you the chrome rims. You leave a credit card deposit which you get back after you return your factory wheels.

They will give you a time period, about 10 days, to mount the chromes and send the factories back. If you don't send them back, you can lose the deposit.
Hmmm.. now that makes sense-- Whats everybodys feeling about the chrome rims vrs polished?
Chrome rules...

Hmmm.. now that makes sense-- Whats everybodys feeling about the chrome rims vrs polished?

I got the standard wheel, but plan on doing the chrome wheel exchange with West Coast Corvettes, $645 for the exchange. They'll charge you a core fee of $1200 which they'll take off after receipt of your wheels. You can also charge the shipping for both ways. I'll probably make the order this week.

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